The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL


"My son attended the Tutoring Center in Ocoee and we can't say enough how great the staff and tutors are! Our son was having trouble with his writing and math skills when we first came to them and within a few sessions we had already begun seeing significant improvement. He made the honor for the first time this year and I attribute a lot of that in part to Dr. Raval and her team! I highly recommend them!"

Mrs. Williams (4th grade student Oct 2017)
I can see & feel the genuineness to help my son. They are always asking questions to understand his needs better. You feel like you belong to a family that wants what’s best . I appreciate how they’ve learned to get through to my son and what makes him learn and keep him positive and motivated. After our first meeting, we knew our son’s best interest was priority. We would definitely recommend The Tutoring Center and we speak to all our friends and family about this place!
Mrs. Beharrysingh (2nd grade parent)
Everyone here at The Tutoring Center is super nice and want your kids to succeed. I am very happy with the teachers and they are truly concerned about my child. He has been doing better in Math. I would definitely recommend The Tutoring Center to others as my child has done great here.
Mrs. Rampertab (3rd grade Math student)
The Tutoring Center has a friendly environment and wonderful tutors and a very good price. I would definitely recommend this place to others.
Mrs. Y (Pre-Algebra parent)
The Tutoring Center is an all around great place if your child is struggling in school. My daughter showed significant improvement in just 2 months. The staff is dedicated to help your child succeed.
Mrs. Reigert (1st grade parent-Summer program)
The Tutoring Center is very friendly and we have seen our son’s reading improve within the first few months of being there. He enjoys going which is a plus!
Mrs. Linzey (7th grade parent)
My overall experience at the center has been excellent! I chose The Tutoring Center for the price and the attention my daughter would receive. I would definitely recommend The Tutoring Center.
Mrs. Smith (2nd grade parent)
"I am so happy I found this place. My son literally hated reading, and now, only a month and a half later, he reads at home just because he wants to. The fist time I saw this my jaw dropped and I almost cried when I heard him reading. So much improvement in such a short period. I believe the key here is that he has gained the confidence he was lacking before. His grades are going up and the teachers have seen the positive changes in him. 

Besides the academic part, these ladies are the best, I can really feel they care for my son and each of the kids I see going in and out every afternoon. 

Thank You So Much!!!"
Mrs. Vega (7th grade reading student)
"My son's been attending for one year and we've seen great improvements not only academically but also in his personality. He's built more confidence and is ahead in class. I was very proud when Dr. Raval showed me an email where she was in communication with his teacher and my son was the only child in his class using some of the methods they thought him at Tutoring Center. They also genuinely care about your child's best interest and Dr. Raval personally makes sure every child gets walked to their car so it's surely a safe environment. Thank you Dr. Raval and team"
Mrs. B (2nd grade enrichment student)
"The staff was very friendly, courteous and accommodating. I saw improvements in both my twin girls grades, self esteem and confidence.The staff worked hard getting them up to speed with their basic skills and communicated with their school teachers to track their progress and reinforced what was learn in class. Overall the experience at the Tutoring Center was excellent!"
Mrs. James (2nd-3rd grade 2 kids June 2015 to Dec 2016)
"I take my son, who happens to have ADHD, here for a little extra help with his reading and math skills. His grades have gone from D's to B's! We are very happy with The Tutoring Center!"
Mrs. Buddemeyer (Parent of 8th grade Student)
"Our son started here with the hopes of keeping his skills sharp during the summer enrichment program and he loves it! We would recommend The Tutoring Center to anyone who has a child/children that need help in school or just to keep them learning in the summer. We will definitely be back in the summer of 2017."
Mrs. Babbitt (Parent of 1st grade summer student 2016)
"I would like to thank you and your team at the Ocoee Tutoring Center –Your team was spectacular with our 2 boys for the 10 months we were there.  Creating a huge jump in their grade level testing.  Our boys were excited each and every time we came to a session. Your grab bags and spending dollars were great incentive.  And it even taught me that the boys really were savers. They had a blast each and every time they came to a session.  I will continue to boast on the service you offered my boys in such a short time frame.  The growth was unbelievable to me. Thank you!!!!"
The Wall Family 
"Our experience with the Tutoring Center has been amazing! The improvement over the past few months in my children has been wonderful. When I see them have confidence and learning strategies to solve math problems that they were struggling with prior to receiving help from the Tutoring Center, thus makes it all worthwhile. The teachers have been able to explain the process of how to solve the equations and therefore my child is getting the right answer and then ultimately better grades, etc. Thank you for helping my children to have confidence and succeed!"
Mrs. Rivera (9th and 12th grade parent)
"My experience with the Tutoring Center was great. The staff is great with the students and show a sincere interest in their success. Also, their reward system makes the students want to work harder. I am very impressed with my daughters progress and would definitely recommend this program to others."
Ms. Boykin (4th grade parent June 2016)
"The Tutoring Center team in Ocoee have made such a difference in my son’s life. He was struggling in both math and English, he did not want to go to school, and he had no confidence. A short time after he started at The Tutoring Center I began to see a difference. He started to enjoy school, his confidence started to show, and he wanted to do well. He was a struggling C student when he started at the Tutoring Canter and this year he will have an A in math and a B in English. I am so proud of his accomplishments. The Tutoring Center made it possible for my son to see what he was capable of doing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
(Mrs. V 5th grade parent)
"I want to thank you for the wonderful support that you have given my son while he has been coming to the Center. He has improved so much and we are very happy with the confidence that he has earned, thanks to you and the great team that you have there."
Mrs. K (6th grade parent April 2016)
"The Tutoring Center was able to work with my son to improve his Algebra grade from an F to a B+. I am very pleased with my son's progress in Algebra that the Tutoring Center facilitated. He enjoyed attending his tutoring time and the one on one attention that he received and as a result gained a lot of confidence in Algebra. Dr. Raval is always ready to assist with my son's test preparation and providing the understanding with the various Algebra concepts. I would definitely recommend the Tutoring Center to any child since it is valuable resource to boost your education."
Mrs. P (Algebra 1 parent April 2016)
"I am writing to thank you and the staff at the Ocoee Tutoring Center on behalf of my granddaughter, Scarlet.  She has been coming to the Tutoring Center since the end of August and we have seen such an improvement in her reading ability and in her mathematics.  When she began she struggled with her reading and would struggle with her homework.  Because she was so unsure of her reading ability she would refuse to read to us. In the past eight months we have seen a complete change.  Now without asking she will read signs and labels and is interested in reading books and doing math problems such as counting money for us!  Last year we would rarely receive positive feedback about Scarlet's progress in school.  This year has been a complete reversal.  Her teacher always has praise for her school work and attitude and tells us that she now helps other students in her class.  She has gone from failing to being on the honor roll.  It was so important that Scarlet have a positive experience this year in school and I believe that with the assistance of the Tutoring Center, Scarlet has not only improved academically but she now enjoys school and learning.  We know that her future has been profoundly impacted for the better with the tutoring, encouragement and nurturing that she has received from you and your staff.  You have my sincere gratitude and I am so happy to see my granddaughter succeeding and feeling good about herself."
Mrs. G (1st grade grandparent April 2016)
"The Tutoring Center has been very beneficial for my son. He has been getting better grades and he is more confident in Algebra 1 than he was before. The tutors are very helpful and understand my son’s needs. Dr. Raval is very helpful and always encourages my son to do better."
Mrs. M (Algebra 1 parent April 2016)
"I want to thank you for the wonderful support that you have given Alex while he has been coming to the center. I have seen great improvement and more importantly he enjoys coming to the sessions. I see his confidence growing and his grades are showing improvements in all phases. I will be recommending your center to anyone looking for after school help."
Mr. H (3rd grade parent 2015)
"The Tutoring Center has been an excellent tool for encouraging my son to push himself and to do better. We enjoy the one to one instruction as this is what my child is used to. The focused attention helped to identify his struggles. I recommend The Tutoring Center."
Mrs. I  (Parent of 2nd grade homeschooler)
"The Tutoring Center is a very positive learning environment for both of my children. They look forward to going to every session. They ask each morning if they get to go to the Tutoring Center on that day. The entire staff at the Ocoee location is welcoming and always pleasant every time we go to our session. The positive learning environment is refreshing to them and they are always telling me how close they are to their next level of learning. They talk non stop about their instructors and how nice they always are."
Mrs. W (Parent of 6th grader & 3rd grader)
"Enrolling my kids in the Math Program at the Tutoring Center is one of the best things that I have done for my children. The tutors are very knowledgeable and patient and always go the extra mile in helping them prepare for upcoming tests, etc. Dr. Raval is wondreful and is always available to discuss any of my concerns and encourages my kids to work hard and do their best. I will definitely recommend The Tutoring Center to any family who wants to the best educational support for their children."
Mrs. O (7th grade parent)
"We feel that The Tutoring Center provided a great environment for learning that enabled our son to unlock his potential and increase his learning skills. We are very pleased and excited with his progress."
Mr. F (3rd grade parent)
"I am very satisfied with my son’s progress at The Tutoring Center. He has made more progress in just a few months he’s been here then all the school year prior."
(4th grade Parent)
"I’m writing to thank you for all the attention and assistance my son received while he was enrolled in your writing program. You may remember that he was struggling with his writing and he was very frustrated. In fact, the whole family was frustrated. He frequently brought home writing assignments that he didn’t complete in class. We, as parents, had no special training or skills to assist him and the writing issue became a family problem as well. As you can imagine, we were all dreading writing assignments as much as he did!  Almost  a year ago we decided to try your writing program over the summer to hopefully improve his skills prior to starting 5th grade. I can honestly say it made a huge difference. He actually enjoyed going to the tutoring sessions and later told me that he never realized that there was so much involved in the writing process. 
As he proceeded through the 5th grade we were relieved that he was completing his writing assignments in class, like all the other students. The most remarkable thing happened at the end of the school year, he was recognized by the Rotary Club based on an essay he wrote in class and earned a $25 prize. It wasn’t a Pulitzer, but it might as well have been, because I never could have imagined that happening a year ago. Thank you so much or the great work you do!"
Mrs. C (5th Grade Parent)
"The Tutoring Center has definitely helped my son Matt  improve on his math skills. Focusing on their school material was key and they have done that throughout. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to others."
Mrs. M (Algebra 2 Parent)
After enrolling our child at The Tutoring Center we have seen marked improvements not only in his grades but also his confidence with the material and, most importantly, his self esteem. 

Our child enjoys his time there and he especially enjoys the incentive program.

I would highly recommend The Tutoring Center!
Mrs. C (2nd grade parent)
Our experience with The Tutoring Center has been very beneficial. My son has become more confident with his learning abilities in a short time. His vocabulary has increased and his attitude towards scholl and classwork changed tremendously. I appreciate all the hard work and dedication that Dr. Raval and her staff did to make sure my son achieved his goals that were set for him.
Mrs. P (8th grade student)
It has been a great experience for us. Thank you so much for your help.   I am very much satisfied with your center.  You guys are awesome; thank you for caring about my child almost as much as I do. My son has improved so much; I could actually go to sleep at night thinking that he’s not wasting time and energy at school. He understands and enjoys going to class.
Ms. J (6th grade parent)
The Tutoring Center has been a wonderful aid to our 8th grade daughter. She always lacked confidence in her math classes. Now, thanks to her tutors' help, she is a more motivated learner and is maintaining good grades in Algebra 1. The Tutoring Center makes learning more enjoyable for students and offers helpful feedback to parents.
Mrs. W (8th grade parent)
I have to THANK the staff at the Tutoring Center for the wonderful job they have done with my daughter. I definitively recommended!!!
Mrs. S (2nd grade parent)
The tutors are very helpful and patient with my son. They gave him a better handle on understanding Algebra. And Dr. Raval is also very sweet and encourages the child to do his best.
Mrs. T (8th grade parent)
We enrolled our daughter at The Tutoring Center to improve her math and reading abilities.  Just after few weeks, we saw a big improvement in her grades and I think it was because of the one-to-one tutoring method that helped a lot.  We are very satisfied with the approach and the staff, especially Dr. Raval.  Dr. Raval always goes the extra step to make sure our goals are met.  The Tutoring Center gives us the personalized approach that we were looking for plus people who are great to work with.  Overall our experience was excellent!
Mrs. G (5th Grade Parent)
My grandson has been at The Tutoring Center for about a year. When he started he was failing math and lacked self confidence. Everybody is nice here and he likes the tutors. His grades went from a D-F to an A-B. He is now lot more confident and comfortable with math. I would highly recommend The Tutoring Center. We plan to come back whenever he has trouble in high school and to do the SAT prep program. He says he loves math now and I’m very happy with the results! 
Ms. G (8th Grade Grandparent)
In a little over six months of attending The Tutoring Center, we have seen a great improvement in all of our son's class grades.  We researched Math tutors because that's where his gaps were most apparent, but the instructors at The Tutoring Center work with each child to improve all study and learning skills.  Our son would rather be doing anything other than school work, but he makes his tutoring sessions a priority in his busy teenage schedule because even he can admit they have helped him become a better student.  We highly recommend The Tutoring Center. 
Mrs. M (Parent of 10th grader)
Dr Raval and her staff at The Tutoring Center have put a smile on my daughter’s face and raised her confidence, I did not believe I would hear such words coming from her that she is happy to attend a math class. She says that “they are patient no matter how many times I ask a question, they are willing to answer me and they never make me feel stupid.” That's a good enough reason for me to keep her there . It's an awesome center and I have recommended it to other parents. Whatever problems arise they are handled  promptly. Thanks
Mrs. W (10th grade parent)
My son has been attending The Tutoring Center for about 3 months and I have seen great improvement in his reading ability. He is actually reading more fluently and enjoying the stories. He never complains of coming to The Tutoring Center even after his long days at camp. The Tutoring Center Director and team keep me updated on his progress regularly. My son feels comfortable and I am very pleased and satisfied with their service & his progress.
Mrs. R (3rd Grade Parent)  Summer 2014
We started at The Tutoring Center in February, when our son needed help in school. When we started, he tested at reading level 3.2 which was below level. We like the one-to-one instruction and the positive reinforcement he received here. They have a Toy store and at the end of the month, my son would look forward to buying certain things and it was great because he earned it. At the end of 40 sessions his reading level was tested at above grade level and he showed improvement in his work as well. He thrives in the one-to-one environment. I also like that The Tutoring Center works with the schools to try to make sure the child gets the best out of the program.  If someone is frustrated and needs a place for tutoring, I would recommend The Tutoring Center because of the structure of the program, the instructors and the price. I believe I got great value for my money and the location is great. I had used a private tutor in the past & I would say this program is much more structured.
 Ms. S (3rd Grade Parent), Windermere, Florida
 My grandson has been attending The Tutoring Center in Ocoee for 13 sessions. He was getting an F in 7th grade Math which is why we came in. When we first came in, he would not do his classwork as he did not understand it. With the one-to-one help he has been receiving from the tutors here, he has now brought his grade up to a C and will probably even get better than that before the end of the school year. He really likes coming for tutoring and understands Math much better. His confidence has improved so much since coming here. The Center has lots of positive reinforcement and a reward system that the children enjoy and look forward to. They also get encouragement when they get A’s on tests and progress reports which helps with confidence and makes them want to keep getting A’s. My grandson got his first ever A on his Math test and we are so happy. The Center Director talks to the students and parents to make sure they are happy with what they are learning. She also makes sure the students are met with the parents after class and is concerned about their safety. My grandson ended his year with a 98% in Math. Both of us are very happy.
Priscilla G.
We moved to Orlando in January 2014. I was very anxious for my children about school. I was looking for ways to help them. The Tutoring Center was my solution. They have a good staff and very good communication. They truly care about their students. My children were always encouraged to do excel. As it turns out, it was the best decision I could have made. My children did great and I intend to continue next year. Thank you for everything.
Mrs. Calixte
Several months ago, I was desperately looking for a tutoring or training site that can help my son improve his grades. My son was at risk of failing the 8th grade. Seeking around the neighborhood, I found The Tutoring Center. I spoke to Dr. Raval about my son's situation. She quickly took an interest in my son. She went into action trying to find solutions for my son's grade to improve. About 4 months later, my son's Math grade went from an "F" to a "B". The Tutoring Center not only helped him with his grade but also helped him with his confidence and self esteem. I am very pleased with the results. In my opinion, this was money well spent! There may be many tutoring sites out there but the one-to-one instruction is what my son needed.
Mrs. Rua
My son loves attending The Tutoring Center!  Our son needed help in reading and The Tutoring Center provides a structured environment that thoroughly engages my son.  Dr. Raval and her teaching staff are a pleasure to work with, they go out of their way to make my son feel welcome at each session; he always looks forward to the next session.  And the combination of a rotational approach to teaching and positive rewarding keeps my son's attention the entire session. Not many activities can do this!! Thank you The Tutoring Center--you've helped my son become successful at school.
"We would like to express our appreciation to you and THE TUTORING CENTER for the improvement that we see in our two children, Isaac and Dwight. I am still surprised whenever I hear Dwight read and spell. He is one of the best readers in class and Isaac is doing very well in his class as well, bringing home A’s on most of his exams. Their time at the Center is truly well spent."
Johnny Siyluy
"The Tutoring Center has helped my daughter tremendously! It has given her the confidence, and the ability to solve even the most difficult problems on her own. The environment makes the kids want to learn, and encourages them to succeed in all subject. "
Paula Swain
"I love The Tutoring Center because it has done wonders for my daughter. She has improved in math tremendously, and she's still improving in writing and reading comprehension. What I'm also happy about is the confidence she's gained, and independence. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to any child..."
Jeanette Martinez
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Before The Tutoring Center, in full honesty I wasn’t doing my best in Math. So my mom decided to put me in tutoring and ever since I’ve been more participative and understand Math!
 Imonie (6th grade Math student)
My experience at The Tutoring Center has helped me a lot in my seventh grade math year. I was able by the end of the year to be confident with the math I had learned. Also, everyone has kept positive energy here and they are always welcoming.
Mora-Lilli (7th grade Math student)
My experience at The Tutoring Center has really helped me stay on track to graduate high school. Every time I come in with a question, the tutors all help me break it down and help me understand what I am doing. Every tutor is nice and very encouraging. When a test is approaching, I don’t stress much because we go over everything I need to know. The Tutoring Center has helped me grow in school and with confidence!
Allison (10th grade Math student)
"I loved coming to The Tutoring Center. They made learning fun! I thought this would be really horrible but it wasn’t! The tutors are really nice, they taught me Math way ahead of my grade level and with ease. Math, Reading & Writing are super easy now for me. TheTutoring Center is awesome!"
Dylan (4th grade enrichment student April 2017)
"The Tutoring Center has helped me with math so much! The tutors are very nice and supportive. They’ve given me lots of confidence. I really enjoy going there."
Allison (Geometry- Dec 2016)
"My experience at The Tutoring Center was great! It really helped it. My grade went from 1 63% overall to a 94% in Algebra 2. Thanks to the people here who helped me!!"
Shaon (Algebra 2 student)
"The Tutoring Center was fun and I learned a lot. My favorite part of The Tutoring Center was shopping in the Toy Store! I recommend it to other kids."
Ethan (6th grade)
"I like going to The Tutoring Center because of the stickers, grab bags and prizes."
Mac (3rd grade summer student)
"I like Math Minutes here at The Tutoring Center. I also really like going shopping. I am getting better in Math and Reading. I like coming to The Tutoring Center."
Jada V (2nd grade student)
"I like coming to the Tutoring Center because of the toy store and the instructors who are really nice."
(Rayssa 3rd grade)
"I get very excited to come and learn something I never knew. I also love working one to one with the instructors. It helps me concentrate."
Baylor (4th grade student April 2016)
"I loved coming to The Tutoring Center! Everyone is so welcoming and amazing. It really helped me get better in math and fractions. Overall I had a wonderful time here at the Center."
Simran (7th grade Math February 2016)
"I’d say my experience was good. I learned a lot from my instructors and could really see improvements when it came to test taking. I don’t think I would have the confidence I gained for my upcoming test if I hadn’t come here. Little things started to click when I was sitting with someone who explained those things to me. The one to one instruction really helped. I want to thank you all for helping me. You guys have been more than helpful!"
Rylan (Calculus student April 2016)
"I like coming to The Tutoring Center because here they focus on me and I learn better than at school when there are so many other kids and the teacher does not have time to help me if I need help. I love coming to The Tutoring Center" 
Roshan (Grade 3)
"The reason I like coming to The Tutoring Center is because of how amazing the people here are. They helped me in my Math which helped boost my confidence. It is also fun buying at the toy store. I really like coming here." 
Nikhil (Grade 6)
"I like coming to The Tutoring Center because the instructors are always friendly and nice. They have grab bags which are so cool, it’s like earning real money & then going shopping with the money! The Tutoring Center helped me with my grades. I liked coming here."
Katharine (Grade 4)
"I have been here for a while and I loved coming to The Tutoring Center. These instructors have helped me so much with Algebra 1 and now Geometry. I think The Tutoring Center is a wonderful place where people can get help with Math, Reading or Writing! I totally recommend them!"
 Brooke (8th-9th grade)
The Tutoring Center helped me raise my Algebra 2 grade from failing to passing with an “A”! The instructors were very helpful in the process. I would recommend The Tutoring Center to anyone!
William (11th Grade Math Student)
The Tutoring Center was very beneficial. I enjoyed coming here to help me further understand the Algebra 2 material, also the instructors are very nice and fun to work with.
Matt (Algebra 2)
About a year ago I was a Freshman in highschool struggling through my Algebra 2 class. By the end of first semester I was failing with an F. I was desperately shuffling from tutor to tutor trying to find someone who would help me. One day, my dad came across a flyer from The Tutoring Center in Ocoee. I called them that evening after a frustrating 2 hours of not being able to understand homework. I spoke to Dr.Raval who heard the frustration in my voice and said she wanted to help! I took the free assessment test and started tutoring there the next week. So far, I have been with The Tutoring Center for almost an entire year! I managed to raise my grade in Algebra 2 from F to C. Not only did I raise  my grade, but I also raised my confidence in myself. I feel so much better knowing that with some hard work, I can get through a class. Everyone here at The Tutoring Center has been so supportive and so attentive. I am always happy when I come for my sessions. I have to thank The Tutoring Center so much! If ever in the future I need help in another class, I know just where to go! 
Paulina (10th Grade)
I love The Tutoring Center because I am getting better grades and am on top of my class. The instructors explain everything very well. They always encourage me and have a great attitude. The other thing I like is the toy store and rewards that we get. We also get rewards for good grades and things we do outside of the center. I like Reading & Math the best. The Tutoring Center rocks!
Nick (5th Grade)
I enjoy coming to the Tutoring Center. I feel as though I am understanding more in class. I’m more confident in class. My teachers are also seeing an improvement in classwork, quizzes and tests. My grade improved a lot ever since I started The Tutoring Center. i know and understand more when I leave The Tutoring Center.
Nicki (10th Grade)
When I come here, I am happy when it is shopping day. I like the stickers, grab bags & rewards. I also like the Math.
Morgan (3rd Grade)
I have had a great time here at The Tutoring Center. When I first came I was nervous about the idea of it, but now after a couple of months of it, I realize there was nothing to be nervous about. They have helped me in so many ways and I am grateful for that. Thank you!
Chandler (10th Grade)
I really like The Tutoring Center. I learned a lot and had fun doing it. My grades went up so I feel good!
Chanakya (8th grade)
It was helpful knowing that I could go over something that I didn’t get in school and I could really understand it here. I really liked the instructors and they explained math in a way that I understood it. Overall I liked coming here!
Christina (6th Grade)
As a student, I feel you always have expectation to live up to. Especially your parents expectations, and I know all I want to do is make my parents proud. I've always been a good student, I've been in the gifted program at my school since fourth grade, and I never really had trouble learning new material given to me. I'm now a freshmen at West Orange High School and currently taking Algebra 2 Honors. I can honestly say I've never had to work this hard for any subject ever in my life! My confidence from day one was just broken down to where I thought there was no hope of me passing this class this year. My parents saw the struggles I was going through and they tried to help me in anyway they could. Being Daddy's little girl, I witnessed my father shed tears of frustration because it’d been years since he’d been taught the material, and he simply just could not help me. We eventually started looking at different tutoring centers that I could go to so I could get the professional help I needed. We found this little place in Windermere called The Tutoring Center. I called them up and told them my situation and I was to see them one afternoon to take a diagnostic test to see were I was and what I needed help with and I was scheduled for tutoring the following week. That was 2 months ago. Two weeks ago, my report card came home and out of my straight A's a C was conveniently placed between them. On my last report card I received an F in my algebra class. As soon as I saw my report card I called my father and he told me he had never been happier for a C in his life! From day one at the Tutoring Center I was treated with love and kindness from everyone and the results from them working and helping me are amazing! 
Paulina (9th Grade Honors Algebra 2)
The Tutoring Center has helped me understand Math so much better, All the instructors are great at explaining things. You can tell they care about all the students and want them to succeed. I feel like I’ve accomplished so much!
Rebecca (10th Grade) 
At first I didn’t like being here but after a couple of weeks, I got used to it and they helped me a lot. They helped  me catch up on things I didn’t know. The people at The Tutoring Center are really nice and helpful and care about us improving. It was even more fun to find other students from my school there. The Tutoring Center has indeed helped me a lot & I am grateful for their help.
Saadja (7th Grade)
I like being here because they teach me and make things much easier and treat me well and it is also fun. The instructors make it easier for me to understand. 
Chloe (4th grade)
Honestly, when I first came here to take the diagnostic test, I didn't think The Tutoring Center would help at all. I thought it was a waste of time. However, at The Tutoring Center, they helped me build my confidence back up and filled the gaps in Math that I wasn't sure about. Before I came here, my Math grades were D's & F's, but now I have a high B. Even though I may have trouble with other subjects, getting better in Math helps me get better in the others as well. Coming here is fun and I enjoy my time here. The instructors are nice and don't get upset if you don't get something after they explain it. They take their time and make sure you are confident and sure with the material. The Tutoring Center is the best!
Derian (8th Grade)
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Dr. Harsha Raval

(407) 614-5980 

2572 Maguire Road

Ocoee, FL

(Plantation Grove Shopping Center)

Located to the Left of PUBLIX and next to Learning Express Toys


Monday - Thursday: 2:30 - 7:30pm
Friday - By Appointment Only 
Saturday and Sunday: Closed


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