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It can be easy for a parent to assume that their child will automatically learn all of the words they need to make their way through life, at school. After all, what is school for, right?!

While each of these parents is correct that the majority of the words in their lexicon will have been learned...
It is important for all parents and their children's teachers to foster a productive relationship. This article can help you prepare to meet your child's new teachers this coming school year.

With many students already back in the school-day routine and the rest soon to follow, the new school year...
All parents want to help their children with their school work. The challenge is often finding ways to do so. This article can help with ideas on how you can continue your child’s learning at home.

With so many classes growing in their complexity each school year, students themselves are finding...
Your student will tell you that they shouldn't have to perform any study over the summer break. A teach will tell you the very opposite. Who do you believe? This article can help!

There is no doubt that the summer vacation period is a time when students should enjoy social activities with their...

Why Children Need Tutoring and Extra Learning Encouragement in the Summer

In the summer, students have more freedom to decide how they spend their time. There are less rigid schedules and no school hours to guide them. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the support and...
If you were to sit down and ask a group of children to teach you something, whether it be a math equation, how a science experiment works or even how to use a new app on your cell phone, it is likely that they will each attempt to teach you the same lesson in a variety of different ways. One...
With the end of year exams and assessments soon approaching, it can be hard to keep students on track. So much so that the previous article included ways for parents to help their children during this period.

How to Use House-Based Activities as Learning Tools

In addition to the information...

Tips to Help Your Student Keep Their Learning Momentum

Despite how parents see it, many students see this time of the year as the ‘wind down’ period. Instead of the months of learning experiences they have before them, they are focused solely on the end of the year and the vacation time that comes...
Being a parent is not an easy job. Your children can change their personality entirely from one day to the next. They can be happy and polite one day, getting good grades at school and great reports from their teachers, but the next thing you know you are being called into a parent-teacher...

How the Change in Seasons Could Be Affecting Your Child's Grades

Have you noticed a change in your child’s temperament recently? Perhaps they have become volatile and aggressive, picking fights with you or their siblings? Or maybe your child has become withdrawn and quiet, not wanting to socialize...


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