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As mentioned in a previous post, a dictionary can make a huge difference when helping your child improve their spelling skills. However, dictionaries can also provide assistance with their reading comprehension, and with their vocabulary. This is why you should teach your child to  use this...
Homework is possibly the most dreaded area for a lot of young students. Studies show that younger children don’t show huge signs of improvement in school because of homework but as their education progresses and the workload increases, doing homework effectively relates directly to better grades....
 Here at The Tutoring Center in Ocoee, Florida, we help children learn to read, but learning to read is a lot of times, for some children, not about intellectual limitations, but about overcoming fears. At home, you could make a place for your child to feel comfortable reading aloud to the...
 As you may know, memory plays an important part in learning since there’s certain information that you need to memorize, for example dates and dates, in order to assimilate them and study effectively. However, if you notice that your child could use some help in this department, try...
 In preparing your child for the educational system, you may find this a bit daunting. What exactly do you work on to ensure your child is prepared? What ways are the most effective? These are excellent questions and depending on the child, could have different answers. However, today The...
When you’re trying to determine whether your child needs tutoring and what tutoring will work best for him or her, you’ve got your research cut out for you. Perhaps part of the reason your child is in need of assistance is because the teacher is having to teach a large number of children in a...
 Spelling encompasses a series of rules and information (which involves grammar, the alphabet and pronunciation) that determine the correct way to write a word. Needless to say, it is necessary to spell well in order to express yourself appropriately in written form. However, if you notice...
Not only is it an inexpensive and fun activity that can entertain your child (especially on rainy days) but journaling also provides a host of cognitive and developmental benefits. Today, The Tutoring Center in Ocoee talk you through a few of these perks.

It’s good reading and writing practice

 Math is a subject that commonly ranks among the least liked by students. However, learning math provides a wide range of benefits: it is used in everyday life, it helps your children use their logical thinking, and it works their problem solving skills.

Nonetheless, if your child is...


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