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 Reading is a great activity! Not only do you get to practice your grammar and spelling, but you also learn new things and use your imagination. However, there are some children who find it a little bit difficult to do it.

If your child is one of them, and you would like to know how to...
The Common Core has been largely discussed by politicians, parents and teachers. Although there are many opinions, truth is no one can remain indifferent to this situation.

At The Tutoring Center in Ocoee, we know the importance of this subject. We created this post to tell you some basic things...
Tests may very well be one of the most stressful things those in school have to go through. So much so, that the anxiety they produce may even cause you to blank out and do poorly! If this has happened to you, and you would like to know a few tips on how to avoid getting nervous before a test,...
Excessive sweating, irritability and headaches - those are a few symptoms of test anxiety, which in extreme cases can lead to panic attacks. This common condition has many sources and it directly affects the academic achievement of your child. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do you to...
FCAT Writes for Orange County is on February 25th. Some Steps to Follow:

1) Read the prompt carefully (expository or narrative)
2) Plan out the response and make sure to stick to the prompt.
3) Proofread the response, make sure there are no English conventions mistakes.

Other helpful hints:
Power Breakfast Ideas Fuel up on brain food before a big test

1) Choose a meal that will kick-start your brain

2) Don't grab something quickly and haphazardly on your way out the door the morning of the test. 

3) Plan what you are going to eat for breakfast ahead of time. 

Here are some...

Most of the FCAT will be replaced next year by exams that will rely less on multiple-choice questions and require students to write, show their work and display "higher-order thinking skills," the Florida Department of Education said Monday.The new, unnamed test will be aligned to new Common Core...


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