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All parents want to help their children with their school work. The challenge is often finding ways to do so. This article can help with ideas on how you can continue your child’s learning at home.

With so many classes growing in their complexity each school year, students themselves are finding it difficult to keep up and complete their homework, let alone a parent who only studied basic math lessons during their education. This leads many parents to think that they can’t help.

Keep Your Children Entertained and Learning at Home

From years of providing outstanding one-to-one tutoring in Ocoee FL, The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL has some great ideas to share in the post below that can help.

Homemade Trivial Pursuit

Whether they’re educational, purely fun, or a combination of the two, every family loves to play board games. However, what if there was a way that you could make these games not just educational, but targeted towards your student’s struggle areas.Take the game Trivial Pursuit as an example. As you make your way around the board you have to answer questions regarding a range of subjects. Some you will know, some you won’t, which adds to the fun of the game.

An easy way to target this game is to make your own question cards.

Before you all sit down to play, take a look through your student’s notebooks and homework for lessons they struggle with. Use these notes to make your own set of small cards. These are cards that you can use in the game. As you are playing, consider that every second or third question that your student has to answer is from your special batch of homework cards.

The ability to make regular board games educationally targeted isn’t restricted to games like Trivial Pursuit, however. Monopoly provides another example, where you can institute rules that your student receives a 5% discount on any properties they purchase if they can answer a math problem within 30 seconds.

While these ideas may seem silly, it’s because they are! Summer vacation is about blending fun and learning, and games like these are a great way to do just that!

If your student’s grades are slipping or they just aren’t being challenged in school, summer tutoring in Ocoee FL can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL at (407) 614-5980 about how subject focused one-to-one tutoring in Ocoee FL can help your student. Don’t forget to book your free initial diagnostic consultation. This session is a great way for you to interact with the staff and ask any and all questions you have about how summer tutoring in Ocoee FL can help your student excel.Write a Book!

If there is one thing that all children enjoy, it’s reading a good story! Whether it’s about dragons fighting with gladiators, a princess stuck in a castle, or even trolls living under a bridge, children love to enjoy the frivolity that these stories include. While not strictly educational, these types of stories expose your child to a greater range of vocabulary items and story structures.

Use their love of reading these stories to your advantage by writing your own story with your student!

Pack a small picnic basket with some delicious and healthy brain foods, get some drinks, a blanket, a book with empty pages and some pencils and pens, and find a quiet space where you can enjoy the summer weather without being distracted.

As you both snack and enjoy the food, put your child in charge of penning your new bestseller. To ensure they remain involved with the activity, have them start the story so that you know the subject will be to their interest. After they finish the first paragraph, it’s your turn to add to the story. Keep this going until you have yourselves a fun little story that may, or may not, make sense!

Again, this sounds like a silly idea, and it’s because it is! Writing is a great way for your student to perfect their penmanship and helps them to reinforce their learning while your addition of paragraphs helps them to understand how stories can be told differently through a range of sentence structures.

Summer Tutoring in Ocoee FL Works

Every parent enjoys learning activities with their children, however, it isn’t always possible to spend all of your time performing them. If your child needs extra learning attention that requires more time that you have, speak with The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL. Call today at (407) 614-5980 to learn about how summer one-to-one tutoring in Ocoee FL can benefit students of all levels reach their learning potential.


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