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There are a lot of activities that children can engage in to ensure they become better learners. Luckily for them, not all of them involve math equations or books! Some games can help children’s brains develop and become more agile. 

If you’d like to know what they are so you and your child can reap their benefits, The Tutoring Center in Ocoee will share a few of them with you. Remember that all of these can be adapted to your child’s age and development.

Learning Games 

Jigsaw Puzzles

These fun puzzles aren’t just good as a way to pass time. They also help your child develop problem solving skills, strategic thinking, management, and visual and cognitive strengths. Plus, if they’re played with others, they will also learn about leadership and collaboration.

Memory Games

Memory games, like the ones where you match pairs of cards from a deck laid face-down, can be really beneficial too. As their name states, they help increase your child’s memory and attention span. They also improve your child’s visual response and brain agility.


Sudoku is all about logic, strategy, focus and organization. Needless to say this number placement game can keep your child’s brain stimulated and developing, so much so that it’s been speculated that it could prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia in old age.


Crosswords are at the crossroads of strategy, general knowledge, and fun. They can help boost your child’s vocabulary, spelling, and knowledge and develop his/her problem solving skills. Not only that, but they also increase concentration and lower anxiety in some people. 

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