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The Common Core has been largely discussed by politicians, parents and teachers. Although there are many opinions, truth is no one can remain indifferent to this situation.

At The Tutoring Center in Ocoee, we know the importance of this subject. We created this post to tell you some basic things about the State Standards Initiative. 

What is it?

Basically, the Common Core tries to set learning standards for the whole nation. Previously, each State had its own guidelines of the skills each student needed to learn. This made it difficult to know if a kid in Florida had the same preparation as a kid in California.

The Common Core designates learning goals in English Language, Arts and Mathematics. It is created to meet international standards. This means that it’s easier to know how our students are doing in this competitive world.

It was created by governors and education commissioners in 48 States and it has been adopted in Florida since 2010.

How is it going to affect Florida testing?

Although Florida adopted the Common Core, due to the controversy of this program, it was later decided that students shouldn’t take the standardized tests. Instead, the tests were customized to the state and named “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards”.  In 2014-2015 all schools in Florida, from kindergarten to 12th grade, will be using the Florida Core Standards.

Undoubtedly, there are specific competences that the Core Standards will demand from your child. Is she/he prepared? Don't forget, that The Tutoring Center has academic programs, that will provide your children with the suitable means for a bright future: from reading comprehension and math to test-taking strategies.

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