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As mentioned in a previous post, a dictionary can make a huge difference when helping your child improve their spelling skills. However, dictionaries can also provide assistance with their reading comprehension, and with their vocabulary. This is why you should teach your child to  use this learning tool properly, so they can be benefited by it. If you’d like a few tips, continue reading.

How to Use a Dictionary

Work on the Alphabet

Knowing the alphabet is crucial to using the dictionary correctly. This is why you should make sure that your childs has it memorized. You can sing the alphabet song with them so they can retain the order the letters are in.

Choose the Appropriate Dictionary

Dictionaries come in all kinds of forms, sizes, topics, and more. However, if your child is just starting out, a small, basic, paperback English dictionary that they can carry around can work best for them.

Teach them About the Dictionary

As mentioned above, dictionaries can help you in a few different ways (with pronunciation, with its origin, with identifying its part of speech, etc.). Still, for your child to learn from the dictionary, they need to learn about the dictionary (its components, the abbreviations it uses, and more). 

Search the Words Effectively

To start looking a word up, your child will needs to recognize and search for the first letter in the word within the dictionary. Once in that section, they can use the guide words on the top of the pages to quickly identify if the word they’re looking for is in that page.

Get a Good Idea of the Definitions

Lastly, for your child to be benefited by the dictionary, they need to be able to actually understand the definitions of the words. If after reading one, the meaning wasn’t clear, encourage them to search for the unknown words within the definition.

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