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Though the school year is well underway, it is never too late to remind you of just how important effective note taking can be too your school year. Taking notes can be a great way to reiterate what your teacher has said, as well as being a great source to go to for clarification on projects, and an excellent help in studying for an exam. At The Tutoring Center in Ocoee we would like to share some great tips to help you take effective notes and reach ultimate academic success! 

Ask Questions

While you are in the process there may be something stated by your teacher that you don’t quite catch. That’s ok. You can ask for clarification at that moment, from your teacher, wait until after class, or check with a classmate, but be sure you leave a blank space in order to fill in the necessary information that you missed. 

Write Down Key Facts

While your teacher is lecturing you may be tempted to write down every word said, however that is not the most effective method. Try to catch key facts and expand on them as you get time later. 

Have a System

When you’re taking notes, along the same lines as not needing to write down every word, have a system to abbreviate commonly used words or phrases. If your teacher continues to talk about a “sum total” of a math or economics topic, write “ST” instead. 


If you’re blessed with excellent writing skills, it may not be necessary for you to rewrite your notes so you can read them better. That being said, it’s still advisable that you do so. Not only is it a good idea for those who have poor penmanship, but it’s a good idea for anyone who’d like to retain more of the information and revisit the concepts. 


Though this might seem obvious, be sure to organize your notes in such a way that you can always find what you need. For example, your teachers may not require that you have individual notebooks for each class, but you can choose to do this anyway as a way of keeping track of where each of your sets of notes is located. See our guide to staying organized for further tips.

By now you might be very well versed and have excellent note taking skills, and yet you might discover you are in need of academic assistance. A great suggestion is to bring those notes and come to The Tutoring Center where we can help you to better process and learn those concepts. Call us today at (407) 614-5980 to find out more about our programs, seminars, and for tutoring in Ocoee!


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