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It likely comes as no surprise to hear that your child’s classroom sizes are increasing every year. While your child’s school likely isn’t happy with the situation your child is placed in, the truth is that they often aren’t in a position to ensure a sufficient amount of teachers are present to keep class sizes down. 

Prevent Your Child From Missing out on Valuable Instruction With Tutoring Classes 

With no discredit to your child’s teacher as they are likely doing the best they can, the fact is that with the ever increasing and varied learning requirements of each student, matched with the increase in distractions that result from over-filled classrooms, they simply can’t ensure each student’s needs are addressed. For this article, The Tutoring Center of Ocoee has compiled some expanded information on the effects increasing class sizes could be having on your child’s education and their ability to learn, and how tutoring classes near Ocoee can help. 

What Your Child Needs to Learn

We will start with the individual learning styles of every child. These styles range from students who prefer to listen to recorded information, students who prefer to see each lesson and transcribe notes, students who prefer to interact with objects and feel more comfortable with hands-on learning, to those students who prefer to speak their thoughts aloud. Now consider your child’s classroom environment. Each student sits at their desk and watches their teacher write each lesson on the chalkboard. There is a small window where students are able to ask questions and seek clarification before the teacher clears the board and the class moves on to the next lesson. This format is often repeated until each lesson in the curriculum has been completed and the time for exams arrives. While this may be a great way for a visual learner, a student who learns best from seeing a lesson written or printed, to absorb each and every detail of the class and lesson it can often leave students of the remaining learning styles to make-do with what they’re given. Many concerned parents find that enrolling their child in tutoring classes to be the most effective way of ensuring their child’s learning style is addressed and that their child’s learning is not being hindered by the teacher’s lack of time and attention. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Ocoee at (407) 614-5980 and learn more about how one-to-one instruction can provide a learning space designed to help your child achieve results and marks that are representative of their true ability and learning potential, and not simply a reflection of the limited time their teacher has available. 

Distractions Throughout the Classroom

While the limit on the time each teacher has to teach is often the primary and most known concern with increasing classroom sizes, there is another aspect that comes from this which many parents don’t always consider – classroom distractions. A distraction in the classroom is usually considered to be a cell phone or music player, however, it is the very limit of the teachers time that can lead to students becoming distractions themselves. Imagine the classroom experience mentioned above and consider a child who learns best through more interactive methods. While this student is interested in learning and wants to absorb each lesson, the written lessons don’t always make sense, leaving them to give up trying and become distracted by anything and everything around them. Unfortunately, a distracted student often loves nothing more than distracting others. In this example, it can be easy to blame the student distracting others, however in this example, this student is also somebody who just wants to learn. In this example, they just aren’t being taught in the best way possible that engages their learning style. 

Teaching Students to Be Independent

This is another very solid reason why more and more concerned parents just like yourself are turning to the benefits provided through tutoring classes, such as those available at The Tutoring Center of Ocoee. Tutoring classes can teach your child to be independent and self-reliant. This is becoming more important as class sizes increase and students are increasingly being left to “fend for their own”. Fortunately, there has also been an increase in the amount of credible, reliable, and authoritative information available online to motivated and independent learners. The Tutoring Center uses The Rotational Approach to Learning which combines intense one-to-one instruction with a short period of time to independently apply what was just learned. This helps your child to learn to work independently by systematically combining individual one-to-one instruction with independent application and mastery of skills just learned. If you know that your child is interested in learning, however, you just aren’t able to understand why their grades don’t reflect their true potential, speak with The Tutoring Center of Ocoee at (407) 614-5980. Ask us here at The Tutoring Center of Ocoee about how our “Geniuses in Training” programs, delivered via one-to-one instruction, are helping more and more children just like yours reach their true learning potential and achieve the high marks you know they are capable of.


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