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To accompany this post about some words that might show up in your SAT test, The Tutoring Center in Ocoee has written another vocabulary list to help you study further. Remember that using the word in a sentence is the best way to memorize its meaning and how to use it.
  • Clientele: n. Customers. Example: The coffee shop's clientele consisted mainly of the doctors and nurses of the nearby hospital.
  • Inimical: adj. Harmful, hostile. Example: The man shot the newcomer an inimical glare.
  • Mercurial: adj. Volatile. Example: Since she was little she had a mercurial temperament; one minute happy, the next in a foul mood.
  • Innate: adj. Inherited, inborn. Example: She has an innate ability to draw.
  • Coercion: n. Force or intimidation to make somebody comply. Example: They used coercion to make him change the will and leave everything to them.
  • Pejorative: adj. Derogatory. Example: The use of pejorative words is strictly forbidden in this classroom.
  • Cogent: adj. Well argued, convincing. Example: She made some cogent arguments for modifying our business strategy.
  • Verbosity: n. The use of too many words. Example: Within the first five minutes he drove us insane with his verbosity.
  • Pusillanimous: adj. Cowardly, lacking courage. Example: While the former emperor was greatly admired, his successor was considered pusillanimous.
  • Frugal: adj. Economical, sparing. Example: You can save more money if you are more frugal in your expenses.

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