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FCAT Writes for Orange County is on February 25th. Some Steps to Follow:

1) Read the prompt carefully (expository or narrative)
2) Plan out the response and make sure to stick to the prompt.
3) Proofread the response, make sure there are no English conventions mistakes.

Other helpful hints:
Use complete sentences
Spell commonly used words correctly
Capitalize the first word in a sentence
Capitalize proper nounsUse a period, exclamation or question mark at the end of a sentence
Use correct noun & verb agreement
Use a variety of sentence structures
Use descriptive words

Opening Sentence: Use a humorous statement; Use a shocking statement; Use an opinion; Use a scenario
Transitions Statements
Beginning: One time, One day, One Summer, In the beginning, To start with
Middle: Then, next, therefore, meanwhile, before, after, later on, after that
End: As a result, Finally, In the end, to sum up, Lastly, to summarize, in conclusion

Good Luck to all our students taking the FCAT Writes!


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