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When it comes to reaching goals, the New Year is what it’s all about. Of course, for thoseof us who have lived through more New Years Eves then we would care to admit,achieving these goals isn’t something which lasts much past the stroke of midnight.

A strong reason why the majority of people don’t reach the goals they set themselves forthe year ahead isn’t that they don’t  want it bad enough or that it isn’t possible, it’s simplythat it was poorly planned, leading to everything becoming too overwhelming orworse…forgetting about the goal entirely!

Simple Tips to Help Your Student Reach Their Academic Goals

If this sounds familiar then it’s important to recognize that the student in your home willgo through the same process, whereas they will set themselves educational goals whichcan often go unachieved.

For tips on helping your youngster (and maybe even yourself) achieve their goals thisyear, The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL has the following post to offer.

Set Specific Goals

‘Do better in school’ or ‘Get higher grades’ are great starting points to considering a goal,but they aren’t specific enough to be a goal themselves.

For instance, what exactly does ‘Do better in school’ mean? There is no single actionwhich your student can undertake to achieve this goal. Instead, set specific goals.

For example,
Achieve a B+ or higher on every exam you are given notice for 
  • Be mindful to study more this year for each exam
  • Ask your teacher about any upcoming exams and how to prepare
  • Take better notes during each class
  • Spend more time reviewing in the lead up to the exam

Improve pronunciation in Spanish class 

Improve long-division skills
  • Ask your math teacher for additional homework on the topic
  • Look online for resources to help improve the skill
  • Specific tasks with clear steps for achievement are the best way to keep students on trackand working towards their goal.

If your student is struggling to reach their potential, one-to- one tutoring in Ocoee, FL can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL today at (407) 614-5980 to learnmore about the benefits of one-to- one tutoring and how tutoring can help your studentreach their goals.

Rewards and Recognition

As much as you know just how important it is for your child to study hard and achieveeach goal they set, instilling this value is often easier said than done. To help the lessonalong, consider choosing appropriate rewards and recognition items to be received alongthe way.

When choosing each reward, be sure that you don’t focus too much on the end goal andhold-out with a large reward. Instead, choose smaller rewards which will be achievedalong the way.

In the example above of achieving a B+ on an exam, consider:
  • Cook their favorite dinner each time they study for extra time each night.
  • Top-up their app-store account with a small amount to allow them to playadditional games each time they find a new learning resource to use.
  • A trip to the movies each time they complete and reach a certain grade on apractice exam.
  • These smaller rewards will work great to help keep even-the- most distracted students ontrack towards their goals.

Of course, it is also a good idea to consider a larger reward once the goal is achieved, butagain, be sure that it is appropriate and doesn’t teach your student to work solely toachieve a reward.

Know Yourself

The best thing that you can do when working towards a goal is to know just what is likelyto get in your way.
  • Does their phone distract them during their study?
  • Do you often find them daydreaming out the window?
  • Are last-minute cramming sessions a regular occurrence?
  • When setting goals with your student, speak with them about any distractions orhindrances they expect to encounter and how they and you can work together toovercome it.

This could include simple adjustments like keeping their phone out of the study room oreven moving their at-home study space to somewhere which doesn’t offer a distractingview.

Tutoring in Ocoee, FL Can Help Your Student Reach Their Learning Goal

When it comes to reaching goals, there is nothing wrong with asking for a little help.Especially if that help comes in the form of tutoring in Ocoee, FL which can givestudents the tools they need to improve their grades and achieve their goals.

Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL today at (407)614-5980 to find out more about how tutoring in Ocoee, FL can benefit your student orbook your free initial diagnostic assessment, during which you can ask any and allquestions you have about the benefits of one-to- one tutoring in Ocoee, FL.


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