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Every parent knows that if their child has upcoming exams, whether they be high-level standardization or exams for their teacher to assess their general understanding, sufficient preparation is crucial. However, the challenge many parents face is providing their child with study support.

How to Help Your Child Study for an Upcoming Exam or Quiz 

Review Their Notes 

If the upcoming exam relates solely on the previous semester’s lessons, then your child’s notebook is going to provide a wealth of information. A common mistake that many students make is to focus on the notes which they already know or those which are easy to remember. While maintaining this knowledge is important to perform well on a test, it should not be their only source of review. With your child, take a look through their notebook and pay attention to any items which they have rewritten a number of times. This can be a sign that the lesson posed a particularly difficult challenge for them and is a good indicator that they should review it in more depth to increase their understanding. In addition to this, look for notes which appear incomplete. If your child is participating in tutoring classes, their tutor will ensure they have a full understanding of each lesson. However, if your child studies alone, this may not be the case and they may move on to the next lesson from frustration. Incomplete notes can be a good indicator of this. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Ocoee at (407) 614-5980 to learn about how tutoring, delivered through one-to-one instruction, can ensure your child receives a full understanding of each lesson. 

Create Your Own Cheat Sheet

With the ever increasing complexity of modern classes, many parents find it difficult to help their child with subjects and lessons which they do not understand themselves. This can often prevent parents from becoming as involved as they would like to be. As you and your child review their notes, pick out particularly challenging items and create your own cheat sheet, with questions and answers which are likely to appear during their upcoming test. During random intervals throughout their time at home, present your child with an “at home pop quiz”. While you may not understand the question or the answer, your cheat sheet will enable you to act like a quiz, where you simply present a question and require the correct answer without providing further information. 

Test Their Confidence

While it may seem strange, some students find it easier to answer questions where they are required to provide an open-format answer rather than questions which offer multiple choice options. When presented with an almost identical answer, a student’s confidence can begin to waver, despite them knowing the correct answer. The best way for you to help your child for this exam format is with practice. Locate exams about similar subjects, but which are in a multiple choice format. By practicing these, your child can build their confidence in themselves and their knowledge and help them to feel comfortable following their “gut feeling.” 

Practice Providing Comprehensive Answers 

For students who feel comfortable providing open-format answers, practice will come in the form or articulation. Many students find that, while they know the answer, they struggle to provide it in a format which the assessor is looking for, and a format which is easy to understand by anybody other than themselves. To help them practice providing well written long-form answers, look for previous exams which include answers that were highly rated by the assessor. Provide the questions to your child, then help them to compare the format of their answer to the ones in your examples. Small changes in how they provide their answer could make a big difference in the grade they receive. 

Every Child Can Benefit From Tutoring Classes

It is a common belief that tutoring classes are designed solely for children who achieve consistently low grades. While these students can benefit greatly from tutoring, these sessions can also help students who are struggling in a single area or want to increase a B to an A. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Ocoee at (407) 614-6980 and ask about how tutoring can raise your child’s exam results and overall grades.


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