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Tips to Help Your Student Keep Their Learning Momentum

Despite how parents see it, many students see this time of the year as the ‘wind down’ period. Instead of the months of learning experiences they have before them, they are focused solely on the end of the year and the vacation time that comes with it. Of course, you know that every learning experience counts. Especially the opportunities they have leading up to their end of year exams.

How to Keep Your Student on Track

If you have noticed that your student seems to have ‘checked out’ when it comes to their school work, now is the best time to act before the end of the school year gets closer. To help your student maintain their learning momentum, The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL has some information and tips to share.

Create a Routine and Stick to It!

A study routine is the best way for a student to maintain their momentum and focus. Brains love repetition, and a study schedule provides just that. When creating a study plan, keep the following in mind:

  • Create a schedule that allows your student to study at the same time each day. Whether the study time is before school, immediately after school, or as an activity after dinner which is rewarded with their favorite dessert, as long as it’s the same time each day the routine will be effective.
  • Create or design a study space away from local foot traffic and sounds such as cleaning or family members watching television. The learning space could be something as simple as putting a chair, desk, lamp, and stationery items in a spare room or even the attic (if space permits). The important aspect is that it is a designated area which your child’s brain can associate with their study.

When combined, these two tips become a powerful mechanism for your child. Not only does their body enjoy the routine of studying at the same time, but their brain also links the space to studying which helps them to shut off from distractions.

If your child is easily distracted, speak with The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL by calling (407) 614 5980 and learn more about the distraction-free learning environment they provide. Through one-to-one instruction, students who attend tutoring classes in Ocoee FL learn and retain information more effectively, helping them to raise their grades and improve their confidence at school.

Break It Down!

Before you start to revisit your favorite 80’s rap group, this title refers to the large projects which your student likely has on their learning plate. As the complexity of their school work increases, it can cause some students to feel overwhelmed, and an overwhelmed student easily becomes a distracted student who daydreams of nothing more than the end of year vacations. Consider these ideas:
  • Spend an afternoon with your student and ask them to walk you through each of the projects they have due before the end of the year. Once you have this information, separate each project and find out ways you can break it into smaller tasks. As an example:
                * A student is required to write a report and present a speech to their teacher and class about Captain James Cook and the settlement of Australia.
                     1. Research and collate a large amount of rough data and information from both online and paper-based resources.
                     2. Filter through this information to pick out important dates, places, historical figures, and find connections between all of these to create a ‘cheat sheet’ of crucial information.
                     3. Arrange this information into a timeline of events and expand on each aspect.

                * This arrangement can now provide the platform for their speech as their teacher and classmates will respond better to a timeline.

The key to this is that each step does not have to be completed immediately after the last.

For example:

  • Their Monday study session can be designated to step one, where they spend their time simply gathering information.
             * While you may be hesitant to encourage them to collect information without too much thought, the free nature of this activity allows them to obtain large amounts of information instead of spending valuable time wondering if it will be critical to their report. It’s important that they gather a lot of information which they later filter, rather than collecting an insufficient amount of crucial information which limits their report.
  • Wednesday’s study session is spent sifting through this information to find connections between the information which can help them to expand key aspects.
             * i.e. One piece of research could include how many sailors were on the ship at the time while another may delve more into the challenges that each sailor faced on the journey. This information will help them to create a more substantial report.
  • Friday’s session is where they put all of the information together in an understandable timeline of events and create an easy to understand report which they can present to both their classmates and their teacher.

Improve Your Student's Exam Results With Tutoring in Ocoee FL

When it comes time for final exams, the study sessions occurring now are the ones that can help to bolster their performance. If you feel that your child could benefit from study help or you have noticed their grades have begun to slip, now is the perfect time to act. Speak with The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL at (407) 614 5980 to learn more about the benefits of one-to-one tutoring in Ocoee, FL and how subject focused “Geniuses in Training” programs can help students of all ages and learning levels reach their potential.


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