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For many children, homework is a hassle that they don’t want to deal with. However, they need to do it to get good grades and practice what they’ve learned in class. If you want to give your child a hand with homework, use these strategies courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Ocoee!

Strategies to Make Homework Easier

Set Goals

First, help your child have a direction and remain focused by setting up goals that s/he can complete. You can even create a reward system for when your child reaches said goals.

Set a Schedule

Make a schedule where you set aside a few hours each day so your child can focus on just doing homework (and stick to it). Set longer times for the subjects that are more challenging for him/her.

Have the Appropriate Space

Believe it or not, the environment around your child can affect his/her focus and the homework’s outcome. Provide a comfortable, well-lit study space where they can concentrate and do their best. 

Start Out Easy

Have your child start with the easier subjects first, so s/he can get them out of the way. Moreover, doing this will help build confidence and will provide the drive to finish the rest.

Break Up the Work

If your child has a lot of assignments to go through or if they are a bit challenging, help him/her out by breaking up their homework into easier workable sections or steps.

Get Somewhat Involved

Be aware of what homework your child has to do and be there to provide any assistance (for example, if there’s an instruction s/he doesn’t get). However, it’s important to remember to give them the opportunity to work and learn on their own. 


If you want to make sure that your child is doing his/her homework right, ask to review it at the end. This way, you can help guide them if you see any mistakes or if you know they’re having trouble with a subject. 

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