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Why Children Need Tutoring and Extra Learning Encouragement in the Summer

In the summer, students have more freedom to decide how they spend their time. There are less rigid schedules and no school hours to guide them. This can be a good or bad thing depending on the support and guidance they receive and how they end up spending their time. At The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL we believe that students can use the summer as an opportunity to create unforgettable memories while having fun and learning.

The Effects of Spending the Summer Incorrectly

Students that are not given any learning encouragement in the summer or those that don´t take part in activities that stimulate their minds are prone to get behind every summer. This becomes a great problem for schools, teachers and parents but especially for students themselves because they lose valuable knowledge and start off the new year even further behind. This adds up every summer and can lead to a substantial regression that can result in getting behind by up to three years by the time these students reach fifth grade.

Summer Vacations Are Perfect for Encouraging a Love for Learning

It is important to realize that the summer is not an educational enemy. Rather, it has the potential to become one of the greatest educational periods for children. When given the right direction, the summer break, gives students the chance to explore nonconventional forms of learning that allow them to soak up more information in fascinating new ways. So many children, waste their summer and get behind on learning but they don´t realize they are also excluding themselves from amazing learning opportunities that are fun and exciting.

Empowering Children Through Tutoring and Fun Learning Experiences

To truly be able to empower children to grow academically while having a good time, there are two main ways of promoting summer learning. The first is through tutoring and learning programs and the second is by creating daily learning experiences. Ideally, children should experience a combination of both these methods during the summer to fully reach their learning potential without becoming overwhelmed. A balance between, both learning programs and fun games and vacation experiences, can have the most powerful effect on a child's mind, body, and emotional well-being.

How Tutoring and Summer Programs Help Children Grow Academically While Letting Them Enjoy Themselves

Summer learning programs such as tutoring programs, summer camps, and educational courses are a good way to prevent a learning loss while allowing children to enjoy themselves. These type of programs expose children to academic material in a structured manner and still allows them to have fun, make new friends and learn different things. Tutoring programs are perfect for students that have struggled in the previous school year but it isn´t just for those that need to catch up. Sure, it will help them review previous knowledge, but it can also help them get ahead and learn other skills that will facilitate their academic life. At The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL  we have the most outstanding tutoring program to help children in any and every academic area. Contact us now and get your child ready to learn while they have a great time this summer.

Using More Natural and Every Day Experiences as Learning Opportunities

Children also need more natural forms of learning that bloom out of everyday experiences or fun activities that can be especially enjoyed in the summer. The hot climate and sun-packed days and afternoons are ideal for going on outdoor adventures and playing games outside that inspire learning without leaving the fun behind. You don´t necessarily have to take out an educational board game you can just turn each of those moments into a learning lesson.

Some Simple Ways to Use Summer Experiences as Learning Lessons

When you go to the beach or a park or just take the kids outside, you can stop to look at the sand, leaves, or grass and come up with questions that spark their interest in nature and science. Then take the time to research for answers and discuss them. Another way to stop the learning loss is to ask review questions while playing games outside. For example, you can go out to the lawn and take out the water hose, ask a few review questions while the kids play and if they answer wrong you get to chase them with the water hose trying to wet them.

Summer Learning Fun With Tutoring in Ocoee FL

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