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Tips to Packing a Light Backpack

Another school term has begun once again, and with it comes the inevitable and literal burden on your shoulders: your backpack. Backpacks seem to get heavier and heavier as time passes, but a heavy bag can cause excessive strain on your back and have unwanted consequences. This article suggest some tips to lighten its load so that your backpack doesn't make you slouch when you walk.

Choose the Right Size and Fit

Backpacks should sit about two inches below your shoulder blades and end slightly above the waist. The shoulder straps must have cushioning to reduce strain.

Mind the Weight

A backpack shouldn't weigh more than ten percent of your own weight; also, carry the heaviest and biggest items close to your back, such as books or a laptop, and distribute your school supplies evenly so you're carrying the weight as uniformly as possible.

Wear it Right

If your backpack has two straps, wear them both over your shoulders, not just one or the other; adjust them to fit you correctly, and don't carry it in ways it's not supposed to.

Check What's on It

Leave the books and other things you know you won't need at home or in your locker, and consider getting five-subject notebooks to use less space in your bag and carry less.

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