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Being able to focus on what the teacher is saying, on what you’re studying, etc., is a big part of doing well in school. However, paying attention can be hard. Even as adults, we struggle with it from time to time.

So, in order to help you and your child improve the attention span, The Tutoring Center in Ocoee has a few tips for you in this post!

How to Increase Focus

Avoid Distractions

When studying, the tablet, smart phone, etc., should be put away so your child doesn’t get distracted. Especially if they have trouble concentrated, nothing should pull their focus away.

Engage in the Activity

A lot of times, making notes as you go, asking questions, or discussing a topic can increase your focus. Encourage your child to follow this practices so s/he can concentrate better.

Take Breaks

Sometimes, working too hard at once can be counterproductive. Allow your child to have 5 minute breaks once in a while, so his/her mind doesn’t shut off on him/her later on.

Set Doable Goals

It’s hard to keep focus when you think the task is too big for you to handle. Instead, tell your child to concentrate on smaller assignments that s/he can complete without getting frustrated.

Stay Motivated

Being bored, uninterested, or not seeing what you’ll get out of a certain thing can cause you to lose focus in it.

Have Everything You Need 

A quick way to lose focus, is realizing that you don’t have water near you, your sharpener is in the backpack, etc. Keep everything your child may need close so their attention doesn’t slip.

Be Healthy

A lot of times, we can’t focus on the task at hand because we’re sleepy, hungry, among other things. Make sure your child is well rested and fed so s/he can do good in school.

For Tutoring in Ocoee…

Sometimes, your child may lose focus because s/he isn’t understanding the lessons being taught at school. If that’s the case, a tutor may be in order.

Here at The Tutoring Center, we have an expert team of tutors that will work with your child and will adapt to his/her needs to help him/her improve in any subject. Call (407) 614-5980 to learn more about our summer tutoring programs!


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