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Sleep is a necessity for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest members of the household, and though good sleeping habits are an advantage, teenagers might be not so keen in going to bed early. The Tutoring Center in Ocoee proposes some strategies to help teenagers still get the sleep they need.

Smoking, Energy Drinks and Alcohol

Cigars and energy drinks have stimulating substances like nicotine and caffeine that can keep people awake, teenagers in this case, and while alcohol induces initial drowsiness in many, it lessens sleep quality. Tell your teenager to avoid these substances that can alter sleep and even cause addiction.

Stimulating Activities

Exercise is desirable, but not in the three hours before bedtime; also, try to keep your teenager away from stimulating activities such as heavy gaming, social media, eye-catching TV shows or books and electronic devices before bed.


Napping can be restful for a short portion of the day, but it can rob teenagers of minutes or even hours of sleep later at night. Keep your teenager from nodding off in the afternoon, but if he or she must sleep, wake them up after 30 minutes at most.

Sleep Schedule

Have a regular sleep schedule for your teenager. Allow them to go to bed an hour or two later during the weekends, but they should get up an hour or two after their usual wake time as well.

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