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Not only is it an inexpensive and fun activity that can entertain your child (especially on rainy days) but journaling also provides a host of cognitive and developmental benefits. Today, The Tutoring Center in Ocoee talk you through a few of these perks.

It’s good reading and writing practice

Younger children need as much practice as possible to develop their motor skills, and journaling is a great way to get them using pens and pencils to do just this. Doodling and drawing in their journal will teach them hand-eye coordination even before they have learned to read and write. Older children also benefit from practice using pens and pencils, but even more so from the opportunity to practice their reading and writing in an independent setting.

It’s good for their memory

The memory is a little like a muscle; the more it’s used, the stronger and quicker it gets. Ask your child to keep a diary of their day to day experiences and the act of remembering what they’ve seen, heard, smelled, etc. in as much detail as possible will really tax their memory and help it to grow. Their journal can also act as a lovely memento of their childhood in later years!

It’s a great emotional outlet

Unfortunately, negative emotions are just part of growing up. Your child needs a place to work out their feelings and frustration, and a journal provides just such a place. Dealing with everything from bullying to feelings of low self-esteem is easier if your child has somewhere to open up and express themselves creatively; make it clear that you won’t read their journal without their permission so they aren’t reluctant to express themselves inside.

It’s adaptable

You can ask your child to do many things with their journal and it can be a great educational tool in many subjects. Ask them to keep a log of when they have to use math in their day to day life to highlight how useful math is during everyday activities and help them solidify their skills, ask them to write a poem or a story to hone their creative streak, or anything else that springs to mind!

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