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If you have noticed, since their return to school, that your child's study sessions don't seem very productive and they are having a hard time continuing their class learning at home, it could be because they didn't take the right notes to help with their homework.

Help Your Child Take Better Notes

The notes a student takes during class are fundamental to homework and study, with an incorrect or half-finished note leading to potential mislearning. Knowing the importance of good note-taking, The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL has information for you to share with your child to help improve their notes.

What You Will Need

Many students fail to take high-quality notes because they don’t have the right tools. Head to your local store and pick up the following items:

  • Notebooks           
             * It is important to get a notebook for each class and to keep your notes separate.

It can be tempting to choose one large notebook, purely for convenience. However, when you begin to include photos and printed articles, a small notebook can quickly become a tome.It can be tempting to choose one large notebook, purely for convenience. However, when you begin to include photos and printed articles, a small notebook can quickly become a tome.

  • Stationery    

           * A few different colored pens      
           * Regular Pencil      
           * Ruler     
           * Different colored highlighters

    The purpose of different colored pens and highlighters is to help you categorize information as you take your notes. If you don’t like the idea of carrying around a lot of stationery items, consider a pen with changeable colors and a double sided hi-lighter with two colors.

  • Personalization     
          * A part of having the right tools is having tools that encourage you to use them. Instead of plain covered           notebooks, print out some pictures of your favorite pop group or fashion icon and decorate your                 notebooks. If possible, try to find pictures which match their respective notebook subject.

    For formal help with note-taking or to learn more about the benefits of tutoring in Ocoee FL, speak with The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL at (407) 614-5980 to book your free consultation.

Keep Your Notes Clean and Organized

It might be easy to scribble down a note quickly as you close your notebook, however, once this becomes a habit then your notes quickly become unorganized and hard to use. When writing your notes, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Write Well
             * There is no point in writing a note, no matter its importance, if you can’t read it. Even if you are in a hurry,                take the time to write a note you can read. It doesn’t have to look perfect, but it does need to be legible.

  • New Lesson, New Page
             * Don’t try to save space when writing your notes. This only leads to notes blending into each other and 
             becoming hard to understand. Each time that you attend a new class or learn a new lesson, start a new page              in your notebook. It’s as easy as remembering ‘New Lesson, New Page.' 

  • Dates
            * As you start each new page, be sure to include the date at the top of the page. This simple tip will help you 
            to locate notes quickly at a later stage.

  • Numbering
            * Imagine that you read to the end of the page and assume your note ends there. Only to later realize there 
            was another page with important information. Prevent this by adding a sequence of numbers on your pages               for long notes.

  • Leave Space
            * Each time that you learn and write notes about a new equation or historical event, leave space underneath 
            for you to add follow-up notes or make corrections. This will prevent you from having to write small additions 
            between the lines in your notes.

Write Good Notes

Of course, even with the great tips and supplies mentioned above, you still need to take good notes. Consider the following tips.

  • Pay Attention!
            * When it comes to taking good notes, this is the most important tip.  Pay attention during class from start to 
            finish. If you know that you are prone to digital distractions, leave your device in your bag. Similarly, if        
            you know certain people who make noise during class, sit away from them.

  • Don't Write Everything
             * There is no way you can write everything the teacher says. So don't even try. Instead, pay attention to key              pieces of information and only note these. Items include dates, names, historic landmarks and 
             events, contextual references, etc.

  • Write for Yourself
             * Remember that your notes are for you, so create a writing style that works best for your needs. Consider 
             creating your own derivative of short-hand, or create a list of common abbreviations to use to help you write                quick and correct notes.

  • Compare Notes
             * If you have a friend in the same class or lesson, consider getting together with them after school to 
             review and compare your notes. This is an excellent way to expand your own notes, along with correcting                  any misinformation you may have written.

  • Review
             * If you choose not to discuss your notes with a classmate, be sure to review them yourself as soon as you 
             get home. Doing this the same day can help to reinforce the lesson and can help you correct any notes as 
             the lesson is relatively fresh in your mind.

Tutoring in Ocoee FL

If you think that your child could use some help with their notetaking, or they simply aren't returning home with the type of grades and results you know they are capable of, speak with The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL.

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