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Just because subjects like physical education and science may provide more stimulation doesn’t mean that learning math can’t be enjoyable! 

This article has two great ways to make learning math fun!If you were to ask your student what the most fun subjects were in school, it’s a fair bet that learning math wouldn’t be at the top of the list. Not because these lessons aren’t enjoyable or because they don’t come with learning rewards, but solely because it’s a subject which is taught primarily through listening, reading and writing. And to be fair, this is the best method for a teacher to utilize. After all, it isn’t a very good use of the teacher’s time to find fun games to play each lesson.

However, it is a very good use of your time.

Make Learning Math Fun With These Easy to Play Games

If you love the idea of getting involved with your child’s learning and want to show them that learning math can be fun, The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL has the following post to offer.

Mathematics Memory

If you love the game Memory then you will enjoy this educational twist.
  • Start by creating 20 pieces of card. The size of regular playing cards is good.
  • One one side of 10 cards, write a math equation which your student has been struggling with. On the reverse side of these cards, mark a small dot.
  • With the remaining 10 cards, write the corresponding answers.
  • Place the cards face up in neat rows of 5, just as you would with regular Memory.
  • Now, everybody takes a good look for 5 seconds, before flipping the cards over.

To play, take it in turns to first choose a math question card, work to calculate the answer, and then try your hardest to find where you remember seeing the card.

As you can imagine, this game can become frustratingly fun after you spend a few turns calculating the same question over and over again only to fail to remember where you saw the answer!

Of course, while everybody is laughing and enjoying the game, your student is unknowingly reinforcing their learning with each attempt.

A great benefit to this game, apart from being fun, is that you can adapt the game as your child’s learning progresses by simply increasing the complexity of the questions.

When it comes to helping your child improve their math abilities, games like these are great and fun complements to one-on-one tutoring in Ocoee FL. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL by calling (407) 614 5980 to learn to find out how one-to-one tutoring in Ocoee, FL can help your child reach their learning potential and achieve the grades you know they are capable of.

Math Bingo

Another educational twist on a classic sees Bingo take on a math teaching role. Math Bingo is another great game which you can all play at the kitchen table as you wait for dinner to finish cooking or somebody to arrive home.
  • Either create your own blank bingo cards of around 3 by 3 squares or download a template online and print it out.
  • Now, cut up around 16 small pieces of paper. On one side of each piece of paper, write a math equation, with the answer on the other side.
  • Place all of the pieces of paper on the table with the answers facing up.
  • Using these answers, transcribe a selection of them onto the blank bingo cards. Be sure not to write the same answer twice on a single bingo card.
  • Once you have prepared the cards, place the pieces of paper in a bowl.

To play, simply hand out a card to each of your children and take on the role of the bingo caller. One by one, take out a piece of paper and read the questions aloud.

Now it’s up to your children to think of the answer and then see if they have it on their card. If they do, just like in a regular game of bingo, they can mark off their square. The first person to complete a line wins!

Similar to Mathematics Memory, as two or more players desperately wait for their final square to be called, the game can become amusingly tense, with lots of playful yelling and laughing!

Also similar to the game above, enjoying this game also comes with a learning curve which can be adjusted to suit your child’s abilities and goals.

Math Tutoring in Ocoee, FL Works

These are two great games which the whole family can enjoy, and can even provide a small amount of learning for parents, too!

To help your child take their learning further and improve their math abilities, speak with a learning professional today. Call The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL at (407) 614 5980 to learn about how subject focused one-on-one tutoring programs can provide your student with the tools and techniques they need to achieve their learning goals.


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