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ACT Math Formulas to Memorize

If you are taking the ACT, you do not get the same band-aid SAT takers get. Instead of having a list of the math formulas you need, ACT takers have to remember them beforehand. Here are a few that you will likely use on your test.

Slope Formula

To determine the slope of a line, choose two points on the line and divide the rise (how much the line goes up or down) by the run (how much the line goes left to right).

Midpoint Formula

When you need to find the midpoint of a line, use this formula to determine the coordinates.


Remember that the average is the same as the mean. To find the average of a set of numbers, divide the sum of all the numbers in the set by the amount of numbers in the set.


The probability (P) of an event occurring is measured as a fraction (between 0 and 1) with 1 being 100% probability and 0 being 0%. Take the number of desired outcomes and divide by the number of possible outcomes. For example, if you want to know the probability of rolling a 3 on a six-sided di, it is 1 (because there is only one 3) over 6 (because there are 6 possibilities). To find the probability two, mutually exclusive events both occurring, multiply their probabilities. If you want to know the probability of rolling a 3 and then a 4, you would multiply 1/6*1/6 for 1/36.

Distance Formula

If you know your Pythagorean theorem , this equation will be intuitive. To determine the distance between two points, you can make a right triangle from them. square each side and then take the square root of the sum to obtain the length of the hypotenuse.

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