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While the importance of your child's individual performance during any tests they undertake throughout their educational can not be understated, when it comes to a standardized test, the outcome can have a greater reaching benefit. Alongside providing your child with the boost in their confidence they receive upon achieving a high mark, the combined results of a standardized test are highly valuable in not only evaluating their school's performance in conducting the national curriculum programs but influencing its future.

Help Your Child Prepare for a Standardized Test With Tutoring in Ocoee, FL - Focusing on Math and Writing

With the latest round of standardized tests approaching, The Tutoring Center in Ocoee, FL has prepared a small informational piece to help assist you ensure your child not only achieves high marks, but the school and state receive marks that accurately reflect your child's level and the teachings they have received through the current curriculum.

The Key to Being Prepared Is Being Prepared

While many of the tests that your child is likely to take will be focused on an individual aspect of a particular subject to gauge their detailed understanding, standardized tests are very different.  With a standardized test, there are going to be questions and challenges that relate to lessons learned throughout the broader curriculum. These questions will be in a range of forms including; multiple choice, true or false responses, and essay questions.

This means that your child can expect to see questions regarding equations and writing styles that were learned at the start of their school year presented in a variety of different ways.

Math - Review, Review, Review!

When preparing your child for a math-focused standardized test, the key is to review. With the ever growing intricacies of maths problems and equations, recalling detailed information from older lessons is often the biggest challenge for students undergoing these tests.

Time to Go Digging

Alongside your child, take some time and go through all of their previous notes from the school year and combine them into a review book. While it's impossible and often impractical to include each and every note they have taken, focus on the notes that include a lot of scribbling and corrections as this is often a sign that it was a particularly challenging aspect to learn. Compile these notes into a clean and easy to read book and incorporate it into your child's homework time or their tutoring classes in Ocoee, FL.

Practice Tests

While it is no secret that the questions asked on previous years' tests are not going to appear on their upcoming tests, the focus of using previous tests as practice is to help accustom your child to the format of a standardized test. While your child may be well versed at performing and recalling equations, they may feel nervous or uncertain about their answers when presented with similar multiple choice options.

Combine Their Notes With Practice

With the importance of a standardized test, it can be difficult for parents to accurately prepare the right information in a way that readies their child in the best possible way. To prepare their child to achieve their best, many parents turn to the benefits provided by tutoring classes in Ocoee, FL.

With extensive experience in readying students for standardized testing, speak with The Tutoring Center in Ocoee, FL at (407) 614-5980 about preparing your child for success. With a free consultation available, The Tutoring Center in Ocoee, FL can answer any questions you have about the professional teaching tools used to ensure your child's grades accurately reflect their education level and potential.

Writing - Read, Read, Read!

One of the biggest challenges that many students find throughout a standardized test is essay writing. While many students with a high intellect are able to answer equations and fact-based questions, when it comes to giving their opinion or articulating their thoughts, it's often a struggle.

Take a Cue From Previous High-Scoring Answers

When preparing your child for a writing based standardized test, one of the best methods is through reading.

Similar to the math preparation point mentioned above, reach for previous exams for assistance. However, when preparing for writing, look for examples of high-quality written answers.

By focusing on the format and articulation used in high-scoring written responses, children are able to gauge the level of detail and vocabulary they can be expected to provide.

Practice How to Give a Well Constructed Argument

Throughout a writing based standardized test your child is going to be presented with a topic prompt, requiring them to provide an essay format response outlining facts alongside their own opinion.

With the high-scoring answers mentioned above at hand,  provide your child with topic prompts or challenging questions for them to respond to in essay form. While the best practice is going to be written, don't be afraid to practice verbal responses. Some students are better able to present their arguments first in verbal form, and later transcribe them into a written essay once they have had a chance to vocalize their argument.

Don't be afraid to challenge your child during this exercise by askingfollow up questions that force them to either provide further explanation, or alter their initial response to provide a better outline of their argument.

The Best Preparation With Tutoring Classes in Ocoee, FL

Like all tests, there is going to be an element of nerves that can prevent any student from performing at their best and their school receiving results that accurately reflect the level of teaching they have been providing.

If you find that your child is like most and finds any form of test a little nerve-wracking, speak with The Tutoring Center in Ocoee, FL at (407) 614-5980 and take advantage of a free consultation. With extensive experience readying students for standardized tests, our professional tutors are able to answer any questions you have about how The Tutoring Center in Ocoee, FL can ensure your child's results are an accurate representation of their true learning level and potential.


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