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Your student will tell you that they shouldn't have to perform any study over the summer break. A teach will tell you the very opposite. Who do you believe? This article can help!

There is no doubt that the summer vacation period is a time when students should enjoy social activities with their friends and family. After all, social skills and interaction are important for every student's development.

However, this doesn't mean that the entire period should be learning-free.

How the Summer Learning Slide Can Affect Your Child's Performance

To help you decide on what activities your student should be undertaking this summer vacation period, The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL has a post to share with information about the summer learning slide, and how you can help your student to avoid it.

What Does a Brain and a Sponge Have in Common?

For a rudimentary example of how the summer learning slide works, let's use something you look at every day in your kitchen - a sponge.

If you were to take a dry sponge and immerse it in liquid then it would immediately begin soaking up as much liquid as possible. However, as soon as you remove it from the liquid it begins to drip. A small amount here, maybe a drizzle there, or maybe even a large splash of falling liquid.

In this example, the sponge plays the part of your student's brain. Primed and ready to absorb knowledge and learning as soon as it is immersed in the environment.

Summer tutoring in Ocoee FL can prevent learning loss during the summer vacation period. Speak with a learning professional at The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL by calling (407) 614-5980 to learn more about how summer tutoring in Ocoee FL can help your student reach their learning potential and continue their progress during their vacation period.

Continuing with this example, imagine that the liquid absorbed by the sponge is the lessons in your student's school. While they are at school, their brain-sponge is constantly being bombarded with opportunities to learn new information; whether your student likes it or not.

When it comes time for summer vacation, this is the moment that you remove the sponge from the liquid and it starts to drip. In the case of your student, however, the drips represent lost learning and knowledge.

Of course, it's important to remember that how many likes their latest photo post received, their friends birthdays and phone numbers, along with the lyrics to their favorite songs are not part of the information lost. Students seem to store this in a magical part of the brain that refuses to forget anything.

Instead, the learning that their brain loses over the summer vacation is important mathematical equations, the dates a range of countries were settled, along with many other crucial parts of the lessons learned during the previous school year.

How Bad Are the Effects?

In short, pretty bad. Take the subject of math as an example.

Being a progressive subject, the lessons that your student learns today form the foundation for the lessons that they will learn tomorrow, and so on and so forth. This means that if a student is unable to grasp the concept of a lesson, they will struggle to continue not only with the class but the entire course.

Now, imagine a student who refused to undertake any math study or review during the vacation period. During this time, small droplets of important math related information begin to drip away.

While they may not have noticed the drips during the break, as they sit down to their first math class of the new school year, they quickly realize that they aren't able to remember important aspects of the lesson. Of course, their classmates all studied over the break and are studiously writing notes and completing formulas.

Your student, on the other hand, is furiously trying to relearn last school year's lessons while simultaneously scribbling everything that the teacher says in the hope that they can make sense of it all after class during their review.

For this student, a student who didn't study over the summer break, they are behind their classmates and the course before they have even had a chance to see what is for lunch at the cafeteria!

What Can You Do to Help?

A parent's first thought when they realize the effects of the summer learning slide is to send their children to a summer learning camp. While this can be a good place for students to learn, it doesn't differ enough from school in the way that students never really get a fun and enjoyable break. A break which is important to their overall growth.

A Blend of Fun and Tutoring in Ocoee FL Is the Key

Instead of a full course load over their vacation period, summer tutoring in Ocoee FL provides targeted and intense one-on-one tutoring sessions. During these times, students can revisit important information from previous lessons, along with furthering any lessons they struggled with or even excelled at.

Speak with The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL at (407) 614-5980 and ask about what programs can help your student over the summer period. During your first free consultation, a learning professional can answer any questions you have about summer tutoring in Ocoee FL and how it can help your student arrive at the next school year ready to take on their next challenges.


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