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Reading is one of the most important skills your child can develop in order to understand the world we live in. Being able to comprehend the written word is crucial which is why, if your child is having a bit of trouble with this, you should help them out by following these tips The Tutoring Center in Ocoee has prepared for you.

How to Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

1. First and foremost, make sure to pick the right material; one that is suited to your child’s reading level and interests.

2. Provide the right study space for your child to read in. It should be well-lit and comfortable.

3. Ensure that your child won’t get distracted by asking them to put away their cell phone and turn off the TV. 

4. Teach your child to actually read everything before drawing conclusions and to avoid skipping parts.

5. Make sure your child works on understanding what s/he’s reading, and that s/he stops and thinks about what the text is saying.

6. A way to ensure that your child is comprehending the text is to encourage them to take notes and/or make diagrams of the information they’re given. 

7. If you notice that your child is having trouble following what they’re reading, tell them to read it out loud. This can help their concentration and understanding.

8. Using highlights and interacting a bit with the text can also be beneficial. Give some to your child so they can use them appropriately while reading.

9. You can also encourage your child to ask and answer questions regarding the text to be certain that they’re getting it.

10. Discussing the book or text can open up your child to new perspectives, interpretations and ideas!

11. Once your child is done reading, make sure they write a small summary in which they explain what the text was about. 

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If your child requires assistance with reading comprehension, The Tutoring Center offers ‘Geniuses in Training’ academic programs that target this area. We can also offer support in any other area in which your child may be struggling academically. Call (407) 614-5980 for more information!


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