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Homework is possibly the most dreaded area for a lot of young students. Studies show that younger children don’t show huge signs of improvement in school because of homework but as their education progresses and the workload increases, doing homework effectively relates directly to better grades. Although it’s not fun, learning how to do their homework efficiently at an early age will set your student up for future success. The Tutoring Center in Ocoee would like to encourage you and your children to follow this homework routine to establish good study habits and prepare them for all their academic endeavors. 

Take a Break

Going directly from school into homework is sometimes necessary when your child has an unusual workload, but typically they can spare some time between classwork and homework. Allow your child an established amount of time to do whatever they want before they have to start working. However, whatever amount of time you establish, you need to be firm. Stress to your child the faster they finish their work, the sooner they are free for the evening.

Eat Something

Although it may seem like common sense, eating a small snack before sitting down to work is essential. Trying to work while hungry provides an easy distraction: it’s a lot more appealing to think about what they could be eating rather than focusing on the tasks on hand. Have healthy snacking options ready so they can eat quickly and then get to work.

Establish Expectations

At the beginning of the term, sit down with your student and discuss your expectations of them and their own expectations of themselves when it comes to homework. For young learners, remember this process is about learning good habits so decide on a set amount of time they will study each day to develop the habit. Older students should be more grade oriented. Tell them what you believe is a realistic goal to set and challenge them. Some learners have more difficulty studying on their own. For these situations, help your child as much as possible. Use a private tutor for one-to-one instruction for the best results.

Reward Hard Work

Sometimes students can study all night, but still not achieve the results they desire. If your student is working hard and not showing progress, our experts can help with specialized academic programs and more homework help to get them where they want to be. Still, hard work deserves to be rewarded, especially in younger children. Give your children incentives for meeting your expectations - positive reinforcement will help your student for their entire life.

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