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The SAT is a college admissions test that is taken by over 2 million students annually, and is accepted by virtually every university in the United States as an indicator of college readiness. Doing well on the SAT could mean getting into the college you desire, getting financial aid, and most importantly, getting a scholarship. This test, when used as part of a college’s admission, is very important, and undoubtedly can cause a lot of stress for the test taker. It is with this in mind, that we at The Tutoring Center in Ocoee would like to give you some tips on how to prepare for the exam in the best way. 

General Tips

- Be sure to get an excellent night of rest and wake up to a healthy balanced breakfast the day of the exam
- Bring your picture ID, as it will be required to enter the testing center
- On some sections you’ll be allowed to use a calculator, therefore don’t forget it
- Two number 2 pencils are required for the exam
- Scratch paper will be provided for you to work out problems during the math portion, however remember that it is important to turn in those pieces of paper with your exam booklet
- Prepare an energy/protein packed snack for test day so you can have something to tide you over and provide the zeal you need to complete the exam well

Reading Section

- The reading selection should be read through thoroughly prior to attempting to answer the questions. Know that some of the answers are meant to be tricky and to ensure that the whole section is read. Just skimming surely seems easier, but could result in your marking the incorrect response. 

Writing Section

- For the multiple choice questions in this section make sure you pick the answer which is the most correct. Not all other responses will be entirely wrong, but you need to be sure to pick that one which is entirely correct
- You’ll be given a writing prompt, and will have 25 minutes to respond to it. Your best method is to use the 5 paragraph essay in order to organize your ideas. Start with an introduction in which you state briefly your response to the prompt and summarize your evidence. Use the 3 following paragraphs to go into further detail on those ideas. In the conclusion you should again state your response to the prompt and evidences. Finish with a “clincher” sentence to nicely bring together your evidences and response. 

Math Section

- This section goes from easiest to most difficult, meaning that you’ll want to spend as little time as possible answering the questions at the beginning of the section, providing yourself more time for the more difficult problems.
- Unlike the reading and writing sections, the math section does not contain a penalty for the wrong answer. This means that you should guess if you are unsure. You’ll receive points for correct answers, but none will be taken away for incorrect responses. 

Remember, that typically the test is taken at the beginning of Junior year. If the desired score is received then congratulations, you may choose to keep the score you received. If you feel you can do better, keep working at it, sign up for another exam, and get the score you desire! If you need some help with that, certainly remember that our Pre-SAT Prep Program at The Tutoring Center is a great way to prepare and help you on your way to that high score. Give us a call at, (407) 614-5980 for tutoring in Ocoee!


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