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After a long day filled with academic and physical activities, your children’s brain and body need a well-deserved rest. However, there are many habits that may interfere with a good night’s sleep, which may have a negative impact on their academic performance. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in Ocoee, we would like to tell you about a few ideas to instill healthy sleep habits in your children.


The most important thing is that you establish a clear bedtime and wake up time throughout the week, including non-school days. This will set a sleeping routine that will allow your children fall asleep quickly and sleep without any disturbances. 


One of the many benefits of exercising is that it reduces anxiety and stress levels, which can improve the quality of sleep. However, your children shouldn’t exercise 3-4 hours prior bedtime, as physical activity also provides energy that may keep your children awake. 


Nowadays there are many drinks in the market that your children may enjoy, however you should watch the kind of beverages they consume like chocolate, iced tea or soda, as some of them may contain caffeine. This substance is highly stimulant and it delays sleep and it’s not recommended for children. 


Set the room temperature to a cool temperature; it’s estimated that 60-68 degrees is the recommended climate. Check that your children have enough blankets and remember to close the curtains, as light interferes with sleep. Also, it’s crucial that your children stop using electronic devices before going to bed; the blue light emitted by these gadgets decreases sleep quality.    

These ideas are simple to carry out and will get your children ready for the challenges ahead. Also, be sure to read this previous post containing useful information on fostering creativity on your child.  

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