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At the beginning of a school year it is important to start off on the right foot. Being organized and staying organized throughout the year is going to greatly increase your rate of success. Here are SIX TIPS to help you stay organized this school year. 

Set Goals

Yes, one of your goals should be “stay organized,” but that’s not all. Think about what you would like to accomplish today, this week, and even the big goals for this year. These goals can be personal and/or academic. If you know what you honestly want to accomplish this year, it’s going to be easier to organize and prioritize. 

Avoid Clutter

It is rather difficult to stay organized with a LOT of things. Do not allow papers to pile up, or random objects to begin filling your workspace, backpack, or locker. Keep them clean. You’ll be able to find things more easily and will not feel the pressure of a messy space. 

Designate a Study Space

Speaking of space, designate one to work in at home. Whether you choose to work at a desk in your room, the kitchen table, or the couch (without the television on, of course) pick a space and stick with it. Taking others in your family into consideration while picking a space, is probably a good ideas. Along with the workspace, have a space where you will always put your backpack, books, homework, and other school necessities. Make it known that this place is for that purpose, and that your items should not be moved if at all possible. Consult with your parents on this one.  

Write It Down

Saying “oh, I’ll remember that” or “let me take a picture of it” are not good options. You may  remember it, but what if you don’t? Write it down to be safe. Sure, taking a picture of it would  probably work, but when you sit down to study and have to go through your phone to figure out what your homework, imagine the distraction possibilities! 

Use a Planner

A great place to keep track of those things you wrote down, is in a planner. Get one that is divided daily. If your teacher gives you homework that is not due for some time, it is advisable to write it down for the day you received the assignment as well as the day it is due. Depending on how long of a period you have between it being assigned and its due date, which could be longer if it is a project, you may also want to consider writing yourself a reminder in the middle of the time period. 

Break It Up and Work it Out

Set up your homework time and study schedule in such a way that you are able to work best. Perhaps it is better for you to get your most difficult subjects and studying done first, and then move on to the easier subjects, or at least those which you are more interested in. If you are beginning to feel restless, take a break. Eat something healthy, wash your face, but come back to the work as soon as you can. Remember that studying and doing homework before the daily activities you enjoy more, is a great idea. Homework and study should take priority. 

Be sure to keep these tips in mind this school year and you are on your way to success. After all of your hard work to stay organized it might still be necessary to get a bit of extra academic assistance. Remember that at The Tutoring Center in Ocoee we are here to help you achieve success. Give us a call at (407) 614-5980 to find out what we can do for you.


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