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We at The Tutoring Center in Ocoee believe it is important to go over some simple, yet effective, strategies for studying and test taking. Though tests are not the only part of the educational experience, they are certainly a heavy portion, especially concerning their part in determining a final grade. It is with this in mind that we would like to share 3 simple studying ideas and 3 strategies for test taking. 

Have Solid Studying Skills

Practice at home and do your homework

Thought it may be the case that your teacher does not have the habit of checking the homework, remember that it is beneficial to you. Often times what you see in the homework will be repeated in the test. If nothing else it serves as a review of major concepts. 

Have a study plan

Maintain your regular homework schedule as well as being aware when tests are scheduled. Be sure to provide yourself time every evening, for at least a week before the exam to study. This will help you to avoid cramming and stressing the night before. It is ok to study the evening before the exam, but is should certainly not be the only time you do so. 

Take organized, clean and comprehensible notes

As your teacher is lecturing, be sure to note the major concepts. If you are unclear about something ask for an explanation. Be sure to write down those things your teacher takes the time to write down. As a general rule, those are very important. You may even choose to compare your notes with those of a classmate to ensure you did get the major ideas written down. 

*Once the test is in your hands and you have prepared using all of the study suggestions, there are three more simple tips to help you!

Create a Strong Test-Taking Strategy

Go through the instructions

Even if your teacher has gone over the directions with you, you are now responsible for reading the instructions again on your own. If there is still something you are unclear about, ask for clarification. 

Answer strategically

Answer the questions you are sure of, first. That way you are not only building confidence for the more difficult questions, you are also providing yourself much needed time to answer them. 

Go over your test again

Lastly, take the time to review your exam. Remember that many mistakes made on an exam are simple and could have been avoided with a simple revision. 

Though these skills seem rather simple, they really are tried and true, and will bring you the best results. We know that test anxiety is a real thing, and it might be necessary for you to receive some extra help before exams. The Tutoring Center exists to help with any academic problems you might be having. Contact us at, (407) 614-5980 for tutoring in Ocoee!


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