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If you were to ask your children about summer, they would say that it means one thing - vacations! Whether it is a week away to visit relatives or an interstate trip, there's little that children enjoy more than a vacation. However, if you were to ask a teacher or tutor about summer, they would say that it is the perfect chance for your child's brain to become complacent and forget many of the valuable lessons learned throughout the semester. 

Prevent Learning Loss With Tutoring This Summer

With years of experience helping students at all levels battle the “Summer Learning Slide” with tutoring classesThe Tutoring Center of Ocoee has put together a list of easy to implement ideas to help your child retain important lessons over the summer break.


 Whether it is because your child stops reading, or the only writing they do is in text speak, reading and writing are two of the most valuable skills that fall victim to the “Summer Learning Slide.” Here are some great ways to keep up your child’s literacy skills over the summer break.

  • Journaling. Maintaining a journal is a great way for your child to practice their writing skills and retain their vocabulary lessons. Provide your child a journal and encourage them to update it daily. If they have been focusing on a particular set of vocabulary items, help them to include these in their entries. An excellent way to encourage your child to write in their journal is to create a journal of your own. Plan time for you both to have a journal-picnic at a local park where you can enjoy lunch and write in the outdoors. If your child goes away for summer camp, encouraging them to keep a journal that they can then use to tell you all about their trip is another great idea to help get your child in the habit of writing.  

  •  Reading. One of the biggest hesitations that children hold towards reading is the material, as they are often used to reading books chosen for them on subjects that may not interest them. Over the summer break, take your child to a local library or bookstore and give them the freedom to find a book that matches their interests. As an example, if your child enjoys a particular sport, look for an autobiography written by one of their favorite sporting personalities. Choices such as these can introduce children to writing styles and vocabulary which may not be present in their traditional classes.

Speak with The Tutoring Center of Ocoee at (407) 614 5980 if you feel that your child could benefit from a formal structure to their summer learning. Our professional tutors can answer any questions you may have about the advantages of summer tutoring over the vacation period.


Math, at every level, can prove to be a challenge to many students throughout their schooling years. And while most children do not want to think about math, spending time with their parents during the summer break provides the perfect opportunity for them to see its real-world benefits. The following tips can help.

  • Budgeting. Managing household finances is no small task, and requires a good amount of math. In addition to basic addition and subtraction, calculating quantities and prices when considering discounts along with planning months in ahead for expected expenses are great math lessons for children to learn. During the summer break, share your finance plan with your child and present them with similar budgeting challenges you face every month. Continue this lesson in the grocery store by allowing your child to calculate your grocery bill as you shop. 
  • If your child is further advanced in their math lessons, perhaps to the point of learning complex equations, build small quizzes or challenges into each day. For example,               

    * If they need a ride to the mall, require them to answer a set of particularly challenging math questions.              
    * If they want to get out of completing a chore to spend time with their friends, consider exchanging the task for a quick quiz.
    * Alternatively, if they enjoy social media and chatting online, change your wi-fi password to be the answer to a complex math equation, requiring them to complete the problem before accessing the internet.

Prevent Summer Learning Loss With Tutoring Classes

These are all great ways which you can continue your child’s learning over the summer period and prevent learning loss. However, the best way to keep their brain active is by attending tutoring.

Speak with The Tutoring Center of Ocoee at (407) 614 5980 and learn about the benefits of one-to-one instruction over the summer period. Whether it is for the purpose of test preparation or general lesson understanding, targeted “Genius in Training” programs are designed to help your child reach their learning potential, and increase their grades.


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