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If you were to sit down and ask a group of children to teach you something, whether it be a math equation, how a science experiment works or even how to use a new app on your cell phone, it is likely that they will each attempt to teach you the same lesson in a variety of different ways. One child speaks instructions to you; another child may draw you a diagram while another student grabs the cell phone from you and walks you through the process.

Learn More About Your Child's Learning Style

While each child is attempting to teach you the same lesson, how they approach it could be a good sign of their individual learning style. With experience helping children of all learning styles with tutoring classes near Ocoee, The Tutoring Center of Ocoee has prepared some information regarding the most commonly identified learning styles.

A Child Who Prefers to Learn Through Visuals

A child who learns best through being shown information identifies as being a Visual Learner. These are the students who are often most addressed during their traditional schooling as they will benefit from lessons presented on the board for them to copy down into a notebook. Visual learners also respond well to printed information such as graphs and instructions. While many students may prefer to sit at the back of the class, away from the teacher, a visual learner is more inclined to choose a seat closer to the front. Sitting close to the front of the class allows them to notice visual cues from a presenter’s body language and expressions.

A Child Who Prefers to Learn Through Speaking

If you’ve ever walked past your child's room as they were studying only to find them talking to themselves, maybe even arguing with the wall about the lessons, then it is possible your child is is a verbal learner. When encouraged to think aloud and relay lessons to another student or parent, verbal learners can understand and retain information efficiently. An effective learning method for verbal learners is to create jingles and songs which incorporate the lessons.

A Child Who Prefers to Learn Through Audio

While they can often be confused with a verbal learner, if identified correctly, students who are auditory learners can be a great complement to a verbal learner. If a child is an auditory learner, they are likely to understand and retain their lessons faster through listening to the teacher or presenter speak. When not directly in their presence, pre-recorded information such as lectures can be a great learning tool for an auditory learner utilize these at their leisure.

Tutoring classes near Ocoee are a great complement to a child's regular schooling and can deliver outstanding results through one-to-one instruction. Speak with The Tutoring Center of Ocoee at (407) 614-5980 and learn about our "Geniuses in Training programs", and how tutoring classes near Ocoee can help your child reach their learning potential and achieve higher grades.

A Child Who Prefers to Learn Socially

For this learning style, we are not referring to chatting with their friends and are instead referring to learning with other students on the same path. Group study sessions are a great benefit for a social learner as they often learn more from speaking about their understanding with peers and receiving their feedback, whether it be a correction or confirmation. Being able to discuss each class with another student can be a great benefit for a social learner and help them to understand lessons clearly.

A Child Who Prefers to Learn Hands-On

If you have ever asked your child to help you understand a math equation and noticed that they immediately looked for objects around the home to use for a demonstration, you are likely looking at a Kinesthetic learner. Children who identify with this learning style often struggle to sit still during a traditional classroom as reading information on the board simply doesn’t engage them. Finding objects or flashcards which a kinesthetic learner can interact with can be a great teaching tool.

Help Your Child Reach Their Learning Potential with Tutoring Classes near Ocoee

If you are interested in complementing your child's regular schooling with tutoring classes near Ocoee, speak with The Tutoring Center of Ocoee at (407) 614-5980 and learn about the benefits of our "Geniuses in Training" programs.

By delivering our "Geniuses in Training" programs through one-to-one tutoring, your child will receive more instruction than they are given in a classroom full of other students and are ideal for children who are struggling with their reading, writing or math lessons.


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