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 In preparing your child for the educational system, you may find this a bit daunting. What exactly do you work on to ensure your child is prepared? What ways are the most effective? These are excellent questions and depending on the child, could have different answers. However, today The Tutoring Center in Ocoee would like to help you find some clever ways to prepare your child for school, using technology. Although you as the parent certainly get to decide how much technology your child is exposed to, and at what age, there are some great applications available to help prepare children.

Improved Language Skills

A simple internet search will help you find some of the best apps there are out there for tablets and/or computers, to aid in language learning. No matter how far along your child is, you’re likely to find something that will both challenge and entertain. From letter games to short, interactive stories, your child will not only be entertained, but will be learning more about the alphabet.

Increased Coordination 

Specifically, you can expect that your child will have increased hand-eye coordination if allowed to play a few games on the computer or tablet. There are constantly moving objects in many games, which your child will have to find, move, or touch. Depending on the difficulty level of the game, your child may need to do these things with great accuracy. While there are other ways to help with hand-eye coordination, this is one of the many great possibilities. 

Heightened School Readiness

In our increasingly technological society it is not a bad idea for your child to get a head start. Not only will you be helping to prepare him or her for reading, coordination and other challenges of education, you’ll also be exposing him or her to the technological aspects that will be covered in your child’s first years of formal education. 

Improved Task Oriented Behavior 

When your child is playing an interactive game on some technological interface, you’ll likely notice that the game is mostly task oriented. In order to move from one level to another, certain tasks will need to be completed, points earned, or items collected. Although the thought will likely not cross your child’s mind, you can help him or her relate this task oriented behavior to reality by reminding your child that such is life. In order to move on, it’s important to complete the task at hand. 

Once your child is a bit older, remember other ‘out of the box’ educational activities, such as the benefits of keeping a journal. You can also decide that your child is in need of some extra help, via a tutor. The Tutoring Center has a tutoring staff that is ready to assist your child in reaching academic excellence. For tutoring in Ocoee, contact us at (407) 614-5980. 


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