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With the end of year exams and assessments soon approaching, it can be hard to keep students on track. So much so that the previous article included ways for parents to help their children during this period.

How to Use House-Based Activities as Learning Tools

In addition to the information provided previously, this article from The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL aims to provide parents with small, ad-hoc ways to help their students stay on track by using appropriate incentives.

The Power of Wi-Fi

While you may just use the internet to check your email, find recipes, seek directions, or play movies, your child relies on the service as their sole connection to the outside world.

While removing their access to it would be counterproductive to their study, it does not mean access to the service should not come at a cost. Each day while your child is at school, change the wi-fi password to something related to a particularly challenging subject.

As an example, if your student struggles to remember a set of algorithms they have been learning in class, rotate through them each day of the week.

Each day as they come home from school, give them a prompt. It can either be a picture, a phrase, or a moment in history the answer is responsible for.

Swap Chores for Study

Most children consider taking out the trash or washing the dishes to mean that the end of the world is coming. Instead of listening to whining and bickering, consider it an opportunity.

For example:
  • 15 Minutes more of study = Not having to take out the trash that night
  • Read ahead one chapter in a school book = Doesn't have to take the dog for a walk
  • Complete an assignment early = No washing the dishes on one occasion!

Small chores like these, which you know you are likely to do anyway, are great ways to boost your child's study time and keep their brain active.

If you choose to use this tip, be sure to keep a strict balance on what chores you swap for which learning activities.

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Slow Mornings?

Of course, a student can only benefit from their school time if they actually make it there! If getting your teen out of bed and on the bus each morning on time is your challenge, consider some small rewards for goals along the way.

For example:
  • Getting in the shower on time = Breakfast of choice is waiting
  • Helping a sibling get ready = A small treat in their lunchbox
  • Completing morning chores on time = Extra helping of dessert that night
  • Getting on the bus on time = Favorite meal for dinner

Small rewards like these are powerful to a child and can make the difference between a morning routine which runs smoothly and one which runs away.

Drive and Learn

If there is one thing which all students love, it is to socialize and hang out with their friends. The biggest challenge faced, however, is transport. A parent's car is a powerful tool which you can use to help keep your student's mind educated and fresh.

For example:
  • Taking your child to a sleepover = Review the previous night's study notes aloud
  • Driving your student to the mall = They read out loud the next ten pages of their study textbook
Reading out loud is a great way for students to catch any mistakes they may have made along with keeping the information fresh in their minds. Small travel times such as these are excellent incidental instances for this to occur.

Tutoring in Ocoee, FL Works

When it comes to small ways to keep information fresh in your student's mind, these are great easy-to-implement ideas. If your child's learning needs more of a professional approach, tutoring in Ocoee, FL, can help.

Speak with The Tutoring Center, Ocoee FL at (407) 614-5980 to book your free consultation. During your initial visit, a learning professional can show you how tutoring in Ocoee, FL can work for your child, as well as answer any questions you have.


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